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Sunday, April 23, 2006

RIding at Last!

Wow, I didn't realise that I have not posted for a couple of weeks.

Well Easter weekend we went up to Grand Praire to visit some friends and ride around town. They have a wonderful bike path system through a winding creek bed that is almost the whole

length of the city 18 km or so. So Sunday I hoped on the burley and away I went. I got lots of looks and positve comments, did a total of about 45 km all weekend.

This is a pic of my friend Ken and I.

I tried his Mtb: first time I was on a df for over 3 yrs. Why anyone would really WANT to ride one of those after riding a bent I don't get.... things get in the way or mashed...
Anyways Ken tried my burley and was astonished at the lack of wind resistance and the speed at so little effort. Then on the way home I crushed him and just left him in the dust. My that was a great feeling. I think he is seriously considering the "bent side"

Today was a great evening for a ride went west down the highway and back for a 20 km ride in 50 min. After reading the comments on BROL tonight about commuting, maybe it would not be so hard to ride the 18km to work and back a couple of times a week. hmmm
Well got to go,
Ride fast, ride comfortable, ride a Bent!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Springs Here, Springs Here!

Yea! Spring is here in Leduc,
Todays temp was around 16. Went for my first ride on Saturday for 10 k, was good to ride again. Had to move my seat up 1/2 inch due to the weight I've lost so far - @ 294 lb now. Starting to see results .
Went out for a short ride with Alice my wife, tonight. My max speed just entering Calmar from the west was 50 KPH!!! just for a sec. Nope no wind at my back tonight. I likey my bikey! My Django is sooo cool. Losing weight sure helps! I know Burleys are not known for sustainable speed but, WoW I am impressed. Now if I can just lose another 90 lbs I should be able to fly!
Got my bebop cleats in the mail today, they look so tiny. I am going to wait until after Easter to put them on the Django. I am abit leary of putting them on, but I gotta go forward and try them, and get fairly used to them BEFORE the MS tour in June. Plus my friend Rolly is expanding the arms on my bike rack to fit the jet creek this week so I am almost set to go on another great NO, I mean the best year riding so far!
I keep forgetting to take along my camera so you can see the area in which I ride. I'll post later this week with a couple of pics!