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Monday, February 20, 2006

Nice Long Weekend

Well here in Alberta, Monday Feb. 20 /'05 is "Family Day." Most of the province is taking the day off. I took friday off too, and drove to Calgary to pick up an item I bought on ebay and to see my Dad, a supplier and a couple of friends.
I also stopped in at Bentley Cycle and traded a bikeE trainer for a BikeE bag and a new Park MTB-3 Rescue tool.
I had my wife sew a cap with plastic quick releases for my Django seat, so I can just clip on the bikee bag. Works great, post a pic later this week. Now I have a large enough bag to pick up a bag of groceries, a movie or even some take-out at a local burger joint or chinese restaurant. Plus it will be great for larger family outings, day trips: food, jackets, etc.. It has over 1000 cu in. This was a good way to go instead of buying a rack and panniers (cheaper). If I ever go on a tour the larger seat bag will still be an asset.

The Park rescue tool is for my wife's Jet creek. I want each bike to have a basic emergency and repair kit.

I read on BROL about how a fella made a tail sock out of tent poles; and then read a story for the OHVP how they tested a bunch of tailsocks for Terra cycle . Now I am wondering: is a tail sock in my future? hmmmm
Ride safe,
'Bent in Leduc

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Okay I have to confess... I have a had a badly held secret for couple of years now. I like Desktop publishing and it has crept into my 'bent life so much that well .. I have some bent tshirt designs and other promo stuff at

Mostly I just sell the stuff to get free shirts, but
I try to convince myself that: "I AM PROMOTING THE 'BENT WAY OF LIFE" but I do it 'cause I want free shirts and get this kick out of seeing others actually buy my stuff... its so cool.
help a 'bent addict.
check it out
buy something
or not

hello, my Name is Larry,
I am a 'bent addict,
I have not ridden for 3 months
I need to ride!!!!!!!!!!!
going to BROL is not enough, I need help
buy, read, ride

mini me

Well I am beginning to see some results with my SWB engine reduction strategy. When I went to the Doctors last month he wieghed me at 315 on his scale - I got home and wieghed myself on the home scale and it said 322. Today about a month later it says I am 311.5 - woo who! At this rate I should make my goal for the 06 Ms tour of less than 265. I'd like 250 - Pray for me. I should be able to really start riding next month outside. I have a free membership to a local gym. I plan to start next week to get my legs and lungs in shape.
As for the less calorie intake; the New american plate seems to be working. I also don't seem to have the craving for potatoes and pasta I used to either. I love the vegies! If you want more info on the New American plate, check out this site: A friend of ours (Cathy) is a dietcian and says that the new Canadian food plan will likly be similar). If I splurg I just take it up the next day. I plan for this to be a life change not just a diet.

On the bike front I am trying to get or design an inexpensive, easy to use bent bike rack. I like the Sportworks X country or Sportrack ez2 , but it is too short for the jet creek.
A fellow in my church (Rudy) may help me weld one up. The design below is what I have in mind. At the very least I can use the Sportwork or SportRack as a parts supplier or modify one with extensions to fit.
what do you think? want one? we may make em too! any suggestions ?
well have a great week!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Spent the Day In Bentley

Yestersday I had a me day, I didn't open the shop. I spent the day with my friend and 'bent dealer Grant Patton @ Bentley cycle. All afternoon I was in 'bentland. He was putting new green Django in the window and working on a brand new out of the box, Burgundy '02 Django
(just what I have). We were comparing the differences and I think the older ones were just a tad better. He has a used Hepcat, 3 new Djangos, and 3 new , 05 jett creeks. He also has 5 trikes in his shop including a carbon fibre catrike. I think he has 2 used catrikes and 3 new wiz wheelz.

this is Grant on a Cat trike Speed during his towns parade last year ('05)

I also helped him setup a blog, so he can keep his clients up to speed on the stuff he has in his shop. drop by and see what he doing