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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Year End Wrap up

Well Hi There!
I bet you thought I had abandoned this blog, eh?
Nope, I just got caught up in my life.
One of the main hinderances to my blogging was an abrupt change after my summer vacation. My assistant at my shop quit the day I got back. With the Alberta economy, up until the end of september it was really hard to replace him and add staff. I hired over 3 people last summer, that came and went as they found "better for them" employment. Now I have a stable helper and I am looking forward to hiring a couple more and growing this next year. That should mean more regular posts here too. I see this as a memoir for myself so adding to it is important to me.
To catch up on my riding let see; in July-I rode 665 klm. Alice and I went down to the Spokane - Cour D'lene area and rode with a bunch of recumbent trikers at a gathering Called "Trikes Only Tour".
We had a great time with the group. Highlights were camping along the way (there and back);

riding a trike (cat trike expedition) along the Hiawatha Trail with a 2 km train tunnel;

The Cour d'lene Trail, we rode most of the paved trail from Mullan Idaho the Plummer on our TE's(some of it was flooded out);
I did my first ever standard century in 1 day (dats me doin a celebration pose with Joel from California - he encouraged me all the way!)
and on the way home we stayed for a couple of nights in Glacier Park and drove the Road to the Sun on our way back to Alberta. Here is a slide show about our Trip:

Later that month I Rode in the Tour D'ALberta -100 km route with 400+ other riders with theEdmonton Touring and Bike club.
Was a hot ride again this year, but I, and alot of others, felt that lunch should have been more substntial and the after ride BBQ Less so. Other than that a great ride!
I rode 210 odd km total for "Bike for Bibles"- Drayton Valley to Rocky Mountain House ; 105 km one day and 105 Back the next - a beautiful hilly ride. Great Support- Rustic accomodations.

But I think that ride is doomed -because with out our group from Godspoke they had only 2 other riders. The organisation is struggling with the ride and those there don't have the vision or man power to make it bloom. Sad, but maybe it has to have a fallow year and sprout again later.

August- I got 222 km in; of which most was our weekly Godspoke Club rides. But Alice and I again rode part of the Thompson High from the Sask Crossing to Thompson resort before the weather changed. Our Good Freinds Ken and Lenore Johnson drove SAG for us and enjoyed the time waiting for us taking Pix and relaxing.

The Big Ride for the month was a 65 km ride around Pigeon Lake starting with an overnight at Barry and Eileens Cabin by the lake.

We had alot of fun that day; riding, eating, laughing, swimming, with a nice boat ride and swim on the middle of the lake that evening using Clarence and Ingrids boat- aww so refreshing!
September, October, November I rode only 210 km combined. Mostly a few commutes and riding on Wednesday nite with the group. October was a riding disaster. Over half of our core riders went to Itay for 4 weeks on a bike tour. (they Had a fantastic time though) Plus real lousy weather and family commitments I rode only 19 km. ARGG!! but I regathered and rode over 60km in November.

December- We completed the years ride with a Christmas party at the Greers with over 30 people out for a Hawian theme - A bit of a laugh, was the potluck where we had over 7 types of Meatball dishes brought. With the change in daylight savings and snow with arctic temps around -30c, Dec was a wash too; but I did get out During the Christmas break for a few km.
Here is a slide show of our rides this past year:

Well I got in just ove 2400 km this year- lost 35 lbs before july (but gained them back since with a net loss of 10lbs this year) I know how to lose it- Count calories and exercise. When I stop counting calories I stop loosing and start to gain. Since 2004 I have lost and gained over 120lbs from 345 as low as 278. I know how to do it; I just got to make it stick!!! Now at 315. net loss=30lb.
This year I will be even more successful and get real close to the 240lb mark and maintain.

May God Bless You and Keep you in 2009!
Talk to you next month: Larry