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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Summers Gone - Where did all the Posts Go?

Seems like I have all the best intentions about adding to this blog but, time seems to slip away…
So As the Fall progresses I will endeavour to catch up with what transpired in the last couple of months. Just a few highlights today.

June, July and August ended up being one of the coolest and wettest in recent years, We had the lowest attendance on average for our weekly Godspoke rides, we just got rained out to often or people just had things to do.

On a more personal note, my business really went through a tough time, it ended up being better than I thought but, the last 8 months have been extremely stressful to say the least. The current economic situation in N. A.  is effecting us and if things don’t improve … well I could be doing something else in the spring.  But that’s life. It keeps rolling along. As a good friend in high school used to say to me: ”let it ride, this too shall pass!” 

This is what helps me get through tough times (Besides relying and trusting My GOD) :

Blu Spirits are low-go biking poster
I made this poster with a modified quote from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that hits home with me :
“When you’re feelin’  low;
when the day didn’t go right;
when the stress becomes overwhelming; 
just grab your recumbent (bike) and
go for a spin down the road,
without a thought of anything but the ride you are taking.”

I did that so much this past summer, Just got on and wondered around Calmar for 17-10 km or so, just riding.

My recumbent is so much a part of my life. Cornell, the ‘Bent rider from Cochrane that I got the GRR from, said he was always amazed how quiet and smooth it was; I hear my self thinking those same thought often as I ride it. It’s such a great ride. It gives me such, simple pleasure, adventure, fitness and a great group of friends who share cycling too!

I passed my 10,000 km ride mark
both on total recumbent riding and for my C-KAP  tracking in August. Woo Hoo!  Some riders achieve this mark yearly, But I am quite satisfied that I have achieved it and I’m pressing for the 25,000 mark. (took me 5 great years) It may take me another 10 years or so, but it’s a goal – and if you don’t have a goal what do you achieve?  If I shoot for it, I will get closer-right. Its the journey that counts even more than the destination. ( Harry Kim- Star Trek Voyager :) ) 
I really like the Journey!!!

Well this is getting long, I will post more later about the rides we had this past summer and other cycling related thoughts.