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Sunday, January 29, 2006

This is my wife Alice's Burley Jet Creek. I decided to get a faster 'bent after the '05 Ms tour. She really likes it. I have to admit I am lucky that she enjoys riding alot too. She is not as fast, but just having her along and encouraging me to ride is great!
This is a pic of my son and I at the start of our ride on the Kettle Valley Railway path up on the mountain above Kelowna B.C. September 04. We had planned to ride the Myra canyon section but a month prior it went up in flames. It was a great ride regardless, we rode 35 km to Naramata. Coming down the mountains in the vineyards was cool I hit 48 km an hour down the twisty, windy roads.When the bridges along Myra are rebuilt in 07 we will do the route from Myra to Penticton.
This past summer we road the Misson Creek trail downtown Kelowna and around the town a bit. It was a great afternoon ride with the whole family. We are going there again this next year and plan on doing some more riding around this great area. There is a run from a ski resort down to West side that I really want to try! Its down hill all the way almost 36 Km, Woo who!
Next time I will show some of the accessories I have for my Django.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A new start!

This is me last june just before the MS Tour From Leduc Alberta to Camrose and back. I did a total of 122 klms, then wimped out near Hay Lakes. Good for my first try. Too heavy for the hills -344 lbs.
I went to the doctors last week for a general check up and found out (not surprising) that my blood presure is up. (was last time too 4 years ago). Good news is from riding my trusty new Django and eating from a small plate I have lost 25 lbs from last christmas 04. Yahoo! my goal is to lose 50 more lbs by the time the MS Tour comes in June. I am 315 now. I have started to eat from an even smaller plate and I am counting calories more. Trying to follow the 1/2 veggies, 1/4 meats, 1/4 starches, portions on the plate as recommended by the New American Plate eating guidelines. It tougher than I thought, I used to really pig out on the potaoes and pasta. Pray for me I'm going to need it!