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Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Day

Sunny, warm weather for several days melted the snow and ice from our local pathways; an email had arrived the day befor announcing a ride, so I loaded up the TE into the van and went into Leduc and met up with a few other adventurous souls.
With the sun shining gloriously we toodled around Leduc bike paths for a couple of hours. We got alot of amused looks as we rode past the new speed skating oval - february - most people are out skating or snowmobling at this time of year and there go 6 nuts on bikes :)
Well crazy or not we had a great time and spent a while in the local coffee shop loosely planning rides for the year. Its was nice to be in the "company of brothers!" (and sisters)

I enjoy riding my Easy Racer Tour Easy!
I rode today, I rode today !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)