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Sunday, January 07, 2007

An Early Start


Did you have a great New year? Enough time off?
We did, we went over to my Buddy Don Martz for New Years Eve and had a great time!
Lots of food, games and good conversation!

Well, I am looking forward to having a great year in 2007. I want to ride lots, loose lots of FAT and enjoy my family, friends and business. I hope to lose at least 75 lbs this year and KEEP it off with a goal of reaching 195# by Christmas 2008. Plus I want to ride the MS Tour again and a few other organised rides AND a couple of Brevets too. Hope fully I can ride over 2000 km this year. Its going to be interesting to reach this goal because my business has been picking up alot and may interfere with my riding somewhat, So keep dropping by and we will see what happens. eh?!

I think I know what I did last year to stop losing weight and regain what I had lost. I Stopped counting calories, Yep in a nut shell that was it. Stopped counting and gradually ended up eating just whatever I FELT like it. ARGG! Well it was a lesson learned, I know I have to do this time: Proper Portion sizes I have to ingrain; do cardio and weights, not eat after 8pm, do not eat back all my excercise calories; stay on this for the REST of my life. I did get a set of 10# dumb bells, a electronic food scale and a set of measuring cups for Xmas. Plus a month at FlexFX and I signed up for a weight and excercise course with my trainer. I will also get the Biggest Loser 2 video. When the weather improves I can then begin to ride and burn away that which do not belong.

Anyways the ride report:

Jan 6, 2:30 pm, 5 hearty adventurers, struck out amidst sunny skies and -2 degree temps; and took to the cleared and dry multi pathways of Leduc, for a total of 12 km and 55 min riding.

We had a great time in the brisk winter air. We were all fairly warm, bundled up the way we were. Carol snapped her chain about 15 min into the ride and thought she might have to walk back, but Sandy said " Larry the toolman can fix it up". So I whipped out the trusty ol' Park MTB 3 muti tool and used the intregrated chain tool and within 10 min and 1 link less we were off as good as new. Man, its good to be prepared, when I was growing up I never rode with any tools, now I gots a mini bike shop in the the old panniers. Sure can come in handy when you are alone or riding in a group. Don't leave home with out em!

We stopped at Bits and Bytes Coffee House for a Latte and fellowship. Definitely a highlight of the ride! We hope to include more riders this year, do some more adventures, and a trip this year; maybe even the MSTOUR as a team?! We want it to be a regular ride that is fun and easy for most adults. Hey, riding along at 15 kph for an hour will burn almost 500 calories, enough for a dessert or not!
If this winter ride was any indication; than this year looks like it will be a fun ride!
See ya soon ...