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Larry`s Weight Loss Tips (or How I am doing it)

The object is really to lose all that ugly,
debilitating mass that does nothing good for you.

Its FAT, Grease, LARD!
Concentrate on Getting FIT as your
Primary Goal
and the Fat will disappear!

The Only True Way to
Lose Weight Long Term

- Create more muscle mass, turn your body into
a Better Butter Burner.

Exercise Builds Muscle; More Muscle Burns more Fat;
Less Fat makes it Easier to Exercise; Exercise builds more Muscle;
More Muscle Burns more Fat; and so on, and so on. - Covert Bailey

Count & Track ...
your calories with an online site like: Stick to it (tracking calories and exercise)  until you hit your goal weight; or else you will stop losing and start gaining!
That is one Guarantee I will make - and the Only One I Can!
Its Percentage of FAT you are trying to reduce, not pounds lost, that will help you keep it off. Weighing Less is just the Good by product!

It will slowly sink in that exercising in some form consistently is for the
I found cycling and cycle touring to motivate me
- actually cycling has rendered a total change of my life
- and I am Glad for it.

Exercise 6 days a week ...
a minimum of 30 min combined a day.
Alternate between cardio  & weight lifting.
Cardio to get your large muscles burning Fat; your quads and thighs mainly.
Weights to create lean muscle mass so it burns even MORE Calories

With cardio add Wind Sprints ...
Just turn your cardio up a notch for 40 second every 5-10 min; ie: walk at 3 km an hour for 6 min, then at 4 km for 40 seconds, then back to 3km for another 6 min and repeat. At least 3 times winding with a cooldown- walk cycle. I am amazed with how much more Endurance I have now from this little tip! Even if you are totally unfit this will help you!

Get a heart rate monitor ...
so you can exercise in your fat burning zone.
You can buy cheap or expensive.
You are worth it so get a good Polar or Garmin one it will last you years.

Learn Portion Control ...
so you know what a serving is FOR YOU! -
- Learn to eat off of 8 inch dinner plates at home.
- Take all you cups, glasses, bowls, etc, and using a measuring cup,
   see how much each one holds, so when you grab one you
   know how much you are consuming.
- Divide up your plate:
  1/4 meat, 1/4 starchy carbs (potatoes, rice) 1/2 vegies

Eat what ever you want ....
Choose 1 (one Day) to reset your metabolism so that your body doesn`t think you are starving to death and slow down. This can help ward off those dreaded plateaus. I usually eat 1 half again what I normally would eat for calories in any given day. Plus I get my favorite, Less than healthy, comfort foods.

I also eat what ever my family does (with in reason). Basically I control the portions. My Daily Plate has a section were you can input your families favourite recipes and meals to find out the calories they have in a serving.

Well, I guess I also created a Basic Weekly Meal Plan that helps me to generally map out the general types of meals and allowed calories for a week. From it, my wife sort of knows what types of meals I would like per day. But it gives her alot of room to vary what she makes. Every month or so I change it so it reflects where I am and what I need.
I sort of based on my preferences from the meals that Scott Cutshall devised that helped him go from 501lbs to under 200 in 4 years or so. You can read about his journey here:
I modified his diet to be not so extereme for me at about 1650 cal a day.
You must find the calorie intake that is best for you to help You lose weight.
Not mine or Scotts!
The Daily plate will help you - I just reduced what it says by 20% because, over the years I came to realise that the estimates that the programs give me just didn't help me lose, just maintain.
So Find your own!

READ ...
 Food labels and pay attention to serving sizes

Go to your Local Library a or bookstore and order:
``The Ultimate Fit or Fat`` by Covert Bailey.
This small easy to read book was and is the Last Rung I have found to Successful Weight Loss.
I mean it Get it, Read it! Go NOW!
Is it the holy Grail of Weight Loss secrets - No - well Maybe, for me it just pulled everything I have been struggling with, in regards to my weight loss, over the past 6 or more years together.

Exercise - Calorie tracking - Discipline, thats it.

Well, I hope this helps some one - I will add more as time goes on.

May God strengthen and Keep you as you
walk the path to becoming
a Better Butter Burner
and the rich life you`ll have from it.