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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I had it

Seems like dare be snow outside!
So riding in the future is probably on hold until spring. If that is the case I rode over 1600k in 2006! This past week our wee bike club had its last ride; 5 of us rode 13.5 k around Leduc in cool and wet night streets, then met a couple at the Local cafe for lattes and Chias. We had a great time! From local rides around Calmar and Leduc, The Ms Tour and Tour de Alberta and The Recumbent retreat in Oregon - I had a great season.
I did my first 1 Day century with the Tour De Alberta and learned alot about my self. 1-I like to ride with some one. Not nessarily beside them all the time but with hailing range. 2- the longer I rode the longer it would take for my tailbone not to be tender. gotta lose more weight. 3- I like long rides with friends. 4-I like to ride with Audible books (scifi) and good music. 5-I gotta lose more weight 6- riding takes commitment. 7- Just do it!
My 2 most favorite rides this year were The MS Tour- cause I surpassed some challenges over last years ride and Our Godspoke Ride to Pigeon Lake-38k - we had a lot of fun and great company! I really am Blessed that Alice my wife enjoys riding ... with ME!

This saturday afternoon I drove down to Bentley Cycle to spend the afternoon with Grant the owner and say goodbye to my Burleys, the Django and the Jet Creek. I delivered them to Grant for consignment 'cause Alice would like to ride a TE too! If you are looking for a great ride drop into Grants and check them and all the other bike he has. Alice and I really like the ride, handling and speed the Tour Easy has. I find them so much easier to start and stop on and ride with other Df riders. Plus the fairing is nice on cooler rides, sleek looking and Fast. We hope that this will be our last upgrades for awhile. I have had 5 different bents in 5 years! Now I get to outfit TWO TE's
As for the engine improvement I was down to 285lb in june and have gained up 20lb back. But I learned alot about weight loss and conditioning- ITS NOT EASY! and so easy to regain what you lost. SO I am going back to the gym I November, I have swayed my trainer into offering a set of areobic classes in January to help and encourage more significantly obese people. She has been caught in a gym culture mindset and was frustrated that obese, out of shape people were not not enthusiastic about weight training and classes so we had a long talk one afternoon about my preceptions from the otherside of the fence. So her next set of classes that I will be in will focus on the other side. we will see what happens.
I want to get to and maintain 275-250 by june 07 , Hey its a goal! 2008 to 225lb. With all the riding I want to do in 2007 (2-2500k) it will be a challenge. And HEY, there is very little commuting miles in that goal. Riding this kind of mileage takes significant time. Family, work, and other committments gotta squeeze around it. But I'm lucky -I have my family and friends who like to ride!
Talk to you soon ,

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Last Ride?

Well my wife Alice and I went for a short ride and photo op on Saturday. The weather reports said snow on Sunday so we drove into Leduc and a ride around Telford lake area and took some pictures of my TE and Alice riding. I picked up a tripod for my camera at Staples and away we went.

It was a great fall afternoon and I hope not the end of my riding for 2006. I am just 35k short of riding 2000k for the year. I am going to do over that even if I have to ride in the snow New Years Eve! This is by far the most I have ever ridden in any year. I had a list of riding goals I wanted to do in the next couple of year and did them this year! Wa hoo.I am getting a bug for long distance riding. I have been reading the exploits of Micheal Wolfe and others who do long distance riding and am developing the goals of riding in some of the local brevets (randoneeering) in 2007. These are sanctioned riding events with timing and checkpoints with lenghts of 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k and 1000K. If you can ride an average of 16k/hr and endure the seat for 7.5 hrs per 100k you can do it easy. Plus you can get a medal and record posting in Paris, France! I hope to do a 200k and 300k in 07. This will envolve training and discipline on my part. I am finding that if I want to lose weight and maintain it I gotta have some goals set.

Will I lose the weight and accomplish it ... who knows but I am going to attempt them along with the MS Tour, Ride LA, and our Godspoke rides and tours next year. So Stay tuned, Look for posts reguarding the training, equipment, and stuff this next year.
TTFN Larry

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The End of Summer '06

Well, its been a while since I last updated this blog. Let see;
I have been riding abit, at least every thursday with our local riding group Godspoke. We meet at 6:30 pm, ride around town and stop for coffee somewhere, usually the local Tim Hortons. Anywhere from 3 to 8 of us ply the roads of Nisku and Leduc. We have found that riding after dark can be fun and a totally different experience.

We have all gotten lights to illuminate our path. I Picked up a Nite Hawk Digital Emitter with Recharger from MEC (This super bright (approximately 10 watt) white LED headlight system has 11 light-output settings and features an advanced microprocessor to ensure continued brightness throughout the battery cycle. Includes rechargeable NiMH batteries and recharging kit.)
I really like it. It really lights up the road in front, but I still think If I was riding alot after dark I would get another to really widen the total path of light, maybe a helmet mounted one! On the back of my bike I have a: Blackburn Mars 2 Rear blinky - from REI in Seattle. This is one bright taillight with 3 modes -highly recommended.

This september I did it again. I have been riding recumbents for 4 years. Some how I have managed to get 4 'bents in that time. First was a BikeE AT that I traded up for a BikeE RX that I found later was too small for me. Then my LBS got in a Burley Jet Creek for which I traded in lieu of my RX. Then BikeE went out out biz and I got a CT from Ebay. Then Last year I got a Burley Django which I rode last summer and the summer of 05. Then I went to the recumbent retreat in Oregon, and relazied that I was a Easy Racer wanna be. Riding my Django was fun and fast but after a couple of centuries this summer I was getting a severly sore tailbone. Due to the fact I was so reclined on the Django, because I had to recline to get my belly out of the way. I like to ride fairly fast but I also am beginning to like riding far. The MS tour, Tour de Alberta gave me a taste of going the distance. I think I may see randoneering in my future.

Randoneering is riding set distances in a certain time, 200 to qualify for a 300k then 400 then 600 then 1200k. If you can ride consistently at 15mph you can finish the rides on time. I may not get beyond the 400k rides but I wanted a bike that would help get me there in comfort and speed. The more I talked to people at the recumbent rally the more I was Impressed with the Easy Racers. They are made for faster long distance rides. And the enthusiasium from current oners really impressed me that a Tour Easy was in my future.
So late August I started my research to see what a second hand one would cost, looking on Ebay, the classified on BROL and the Easy Racer Forum. I was thinking of Spring but if I got the right one I could extend my riding into November if I had a fairing.
Then mid September I posted a note on BROL that I was looking for a good used TE. A couple of days later I got a private message from a lady in Seattle who said she had what I was looking for and would email me pics and more info after the weekend.
A few days later I got an email with pics of a Tour Easy freshly uncrated. She had gotten this TE in a round about way from someone in northern California, she had them take it to Easy Racers nearby, they wrapped it and sent it to her. How long it sat in her garage up unopened I don't know. But before my eyes I am seeing this TE with fairing, rapid fire shifters, rack, (the bike I envisioned I would get) lying amidst cardboard and cellophane. She never rode it, she had to unpack it to take the pics! From what she told me it is a 2004 that the fellow never took to. It sat and was hardly ever ridden. the rear cassette looks brand new!
So we haggled a bit then I decided to get it. We found out that some friends of ours were going to Vancouver for the weekend and that they would pick up the bike there and bring it back. So Rosie from Seattle loaded up her car and drove to Vancouver dropped it off at Cambie Cycle and Dale & Judy picked it up from there and dove to Calmar and WA LLA I am an EasyRacer, Tour Easy Owner and Rider.

So, I am very happy with my TE which I call "Rosie" After the generous Lady who went out of her way and country to get me this 'Bent. The more I ride it, the more "right" it feels for me. I want to change a few things, what 'bent rider doesn't want to add a few mods and make it thiers, eh! Eventually I will upgrade the Touring gearing for a higher front chain ring, add at least a tail sock; but I enjoy the ride, it is allowing me to ride further in the fall (like that fairing) Well, I think I going to go for a ride on this nice Autumm Thanksgiving Sunday. I will write soon and post more pics of the TE and our rides.

Enjoy the Ride


P.S. I have a Burley 2004 Jet Creek and a 2002 Burley Django upgraded with xt gearing for sale now, my wife would like a TE in the spring!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ridn in Aug

Hey Hey! I can see from the prior post that August has been busy! No Posts 'til now!

I have been riding while I was not posting,
Aug long weekend we went to the Fat tire Festival at Frontier Lodge near Nordegg AB.
Then we went on vacation. August 12-22. We went to Ft. Stevens Park in Oregon for the 8th Annual Recumbent retreat!
We stopped in Kelowna for a couple of days then drove south to Winnachee/Leavensworth Wa. and Stayed at the KOA in a cabin. then over to the wash/oregon border.

While in Kelowna I was able to do a ride I wanted to do since last year, RIDE down Crystal Mtn and along Okanogan Lake.

It was fantastic- total km was 46 on a hot 30c day! click here for a short video and other photos of our trip.
When we got to Ft. Stevens we were amazed at the treed, paved paths. They have over 9 miles of these paths. We rode around for 4 days in the area. We participated in the Poker Run, (won a new carbon spider visor, bentretreat coffee mug), Went to Ernies Diner Saturday morning for Breakfast (8 miles), Did the ride Sat afternoon to Ft. Clapstop (where Lewis and Clark finished their historic trek and steyed for 9 months scouting and reprovisioning for the trk back)(28 m).
Saturday nite everyone Dressed up thier bikes with light and paraded through all the camp ground loops, to the delight of the campers! Truly a high Light of the weekend.
Had a surprise visit from my freind Craig Stinson who is living in the Salem area. Sunday we rode around the campground trails, saw awesome kiters on the beach with huge kites and kite surfing. In total I rode almost 100 miles or 158km during
that weekend. Yeehaw!

It was Great to make new friends Like Mark (I really am glad we spent time together riding and eating popper CLAMs!) and Glen (thanks for the guided tour of Warrington). TO meet and hear Fast Freddy and the RAAM team, meet Connie, Lonnie (NO5) from the OHPV, Pat from Terra Cycle and Jim Wills, eat tons of food at the potluck. I have uploaded photos onto photobucket, click on the above link to see em.

Would I go back OH Yes! I am not sure about next year but I am planning to be there for the 10th Annual ride for sure!

Saturday we packed up and drove to Yakima and bought a rear blinky from REI and the drove to Chilliwack BC. Stayed over night and then drove to Jasper them home to Edmonton. whew .
One of my main reasons for going was to see and ride types of 'bents I don't see up here. I did, I asked alot of questions and rode: the New ER Javalyn prototype, a Volea Club, Rans F5, and several Easy racers. Going I knew that it was EASY Racer territory, and was going to see and hear and ride them. I came back convinced to get a second hand one. Don't get me wrong I love my Django but the easy racer is much better suited to my current girth.

The overwhelming conviction of ER Riders is the bikes speed and comfort. Speed- I could not keep up to those faired demons; even ALice my wife liked em. So I am on the hunt for a used Tour Easy under $1000 cdn. They are too expensive to buy new outright, and If I don't like it I can sell it. Man that will be 5 bents in 5 years. This has got to stop!

Here is a list of Items for my 'bent I have picked up in Aug:
Blackburn Mars 2 Rear blinky - REI
4xl Riding Jersy- g & j cyclewear EUGENE OR.
BLINKY rearLIGHT Flilzer -me
Tri socket wrench -united cycle
Park MTB7 mutli tool for ALices bent- United cycle
Terracycle Burley Idler. Bently Cycle

Life should be getting back to a more normal schedule now so I will talk to you soon TTFN

Monday, July 24, 2006

July ramblings

Hey there,
Its been awhile since I last posted, but I have been riding!
After the Cycle LA event I got a phone call from Jocelyn, one of my LA riders, he was informing me that he had ordered an ActionBent Jet Stream 3. So a week later it arrived and he has set it up. He loves it! Not only that but I had lent him a BikeE Ct for his wife to test, she liked it; so we found another used CT for her now they are both 'Bent. Jocelyn has the "fever" as he is in accessory mode right now. We went for a 16 k ride 2 weeks ago and he just loves the ride, now we are working at converting our friend Tom L "to the Dark side".

My family and I spent the long july weekend at Alberta Beach, I rode 86 k in all that weekend; fell and got a minor road rash when I hit a sand patch while turning around. Its a nice area to do some nice short rides along the lake side, I did a 46 k loop around the south end of the lake and back along the high way.

The Big News is that I completed my first Metric Century this past Sunday on the Tour De Alberta! A ride that North OF Greater Edmonton sponsored by the Edmonton Cycling and Touring Club. It was a great day, Clear hot and fun. I did really well ... until the last 30k, my legs were getting really tired and the last 8 k I could feel them begin cramping up if I stopped pedaling. I drank almost 5 liters of water( 2 of were loaded with an electrolyte replacer) along with Ecaps. Last night my thighs were quite tired and sore but I am okay today.
I did 101 k in 5hr 17 min at and avg of 25kph. I was pleased with that even though it seemed like everyone on a skinny tire DF passed me all the time with a higher cadence and less effort. My desire to get a more efficent 'Bent waxes and seems to get stronger on rides like this. I would like to try a dual 26 Swb, a Rans F5 Enduro catches my whim. We'll see...

Anyways, my fitness program stalled badly this last month ( gained 12lb) but I feel that I am back on track with even more determination than ever to get down to under 225. Its not easy, its going to take longer than I expected, but I will get there! In the following month I plan on going to the Oregon Recumbent Retreat and doing a a couple of 60k or so rides. And go on a potatoe free diet (nothing with potatoes, fries, chips, etc.) I'll keep you posted, until then ride comfortable, ride fast, ride 'Bent!
Oh yeah ... Keep yur feet up!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cycle LA

8:00 am BANG! goes the starter gun and the cyclists are off on another Cycle LA to raise funds for new equipment for our local hospital.

My Team: Godspoke ( 5 of us : Jocelyn, Tom, Art, my wife Alice and my self) had a great day of relay cycling, chatting, encouraging and laughing. We didn't even finish last.

It was a sunny hot day (the best weather in Cycle LA History!+27c) The course was fairly level with low sloping hills, except for 2 biggys that I didn't do. Its fun to do this type of relay, each person rides the best they can and yet over a smaller distance. Alot of roadies ride the full 120 km (winner did it in 3hr 46 min). The ride ends in 6 hours, that is why I don't ride the whole thing. It took me 5 hours to ride 80k on the Ms Tour, 120k would take me 7 hrs at my present speed and ability- maybe in a couple of years.

At one point I had a real good tailwind riding north into Thorsby, my wife found me in the van and was following me in Thorsby I was doing 38-40 kph acording to the Van Odo. I forgot my odo at home. I Know that just before entering the town that I was going faster 40-43kph. What a blast! My friends Tom and Jocelyn mentioned to Alice that "Larry has a fast bike".

There was one other bent on the ride a tidalwave 2 action bent, Mike, young fella from Beaumont. Overall Next year is a redo, slimmer, faster and funner!

Ride lots 'til next time


Sunday, June 18, 2006

I did It!

I accomplished the
'06 Edmonton MS Tour!
Thanks to all of you who contributed- We raised $1175!

It was a great weekend, not to hot, windy or rainy. On Saturday I finished an hour earlier than last year, and finished Sunday 45 min faster than the year before. Plus, I hung out longer at the rest stops, was not as tired and I pedaled my butt up all the way 2.75 out out of 3 big hills. I averaged just over 23 kph on Sat and 19.9 on Sunday. I love riding my Burley Dajango Short wheel base recumbent. It was fast and comfortable, why would anyone ride long distances on a regular bike?

Long fingered gloves and wicking thermal undershirt really helped in the rain and wind.

I hung out with Kel, and was encouraged alot by him. He has a cool new trailer and really nice wife!
I really seemed faster, I thrilled at the perception that I was passing 60% of the riders. On Sunday in the section I suffered on last year, I had a ride marshal draft me for over 10k. I asked him how the ride was back there, he replied:"you could sit up a bit higher ... you got a real good pace going, thanks." I was spinning around 85 rpm and cruising at 25kph then and I thot and felt: "cool I can ride with the best of them!" that comment and the triumph of spinning up the big hills and finishing the ride not exhausted, really gave me a strong sense of accomplishment and reward. It enforces the desire I have to lose more weight and get even fitter!

From Xmas '05 to the ride I reduced 25% body fat and added alot of muscle (lost 45 lbs). My next goal is to ride 20-35 km on Cycle LA on june 24; ride the Tour De Alberta July 22. So I keep the motivation to reduce, live longer and fitter. I did not reach 275lbs this time, but it was a goal. I hope to get close to 260 by Sept - 230 by Xmas '06 - 195 for the '07 Tour.

Encourage me and pray that I stick to it. Being healthier and fitter is fun! Larry

Thursday, June 08, 2006


as I 'm gonna get for the 2006 MS tour.
According to the test my trainer gave me yesterday, I have reduced my body fat from 4-.1- 30.2 since march. Thats 25% LESS! waa whooo! Now only 288 lbs of jiggling muscled fat -next year I hope to be @199-215 for the MSRide!

Last weekend I put on a set of burley moustache handlebars (and longer cables) so my knees would not be hindered and that I would not have any upper arm pain. 30 km later no pain and I love the new bars!

Since I like to listen to audible books and music while I ride, I needed a place to set my MP3 player. I found a white reflector, removed the clear face, added industrial velcro to it and my players and Voila a great holder right on the handle bars. Works great for $1 eh! I use a rubber ring for added secruty.

I finally got a wicking thermal undershirt for cooler and wet riding. More layers the better, right?! Went for a 10 k test ride tonight all decked out in the gear I have for wet weather; was all toasty and warm. Top: wicking under shirt,wicking bike shirt, weather resistant biking jacket, thinsulite gloves, neofleece masque, skull cap, bike helmut and earuffs. Lower: lake sandals, merino wool socks, leg warmers, cotton briefs, running tights, and wind resistant long pants. Now I Just have to do something for foggy glasses.

Tomorrow I pack, sleep, then on Saturday we ride. Sat/Sun weather forecast: cloudy with 40% chance rain hight 16 -19. If there is no rain and very little wind, it should be a nice riding weekend. Expect the wind from east this time of year so heading to Camrose south east will slow us down. Sunday could be a faster day with tailwind most of the day! Stay tuned monday or tuesday for a post ride report and pix. (soggy fat man in tights!)

Monday, May 29, 2006

My first 1/2 Century 06

This past Sunday I did my first solo half century!
It was a cool 12 degrees, overcast, wind from the SE.
I averaged 22.3kph for a total wheel time of 2h 16 min. actual 'bout 2:45. 3 stops at 21 k ea.
I painted marks at about every 5 k a couple of months earlier and have ridden most of it. And posted some reports but I thoufght I load up some pics so you could see my ride.

If you look near the bottom of this pic you can see the 8 km mark this is 8 k west of Calmar and I turn north here to Wilton hall. Turning north hera we get onto what the local Edmonton riding Clubs call thier "private biking Highway" Paved and very little traffic.

This is the typical terrain I ride mostly flatish with a few dips. Its the wind that we struggle against or cruize with.

this is Wilton Hall . 13 k from calmar or 16 k from Devon. Its a nice break/rest area (has a girl/guy outhouse) you can see the 13 on the road in the pic. The '06 Ms tour training ride used Wilton Hall as the turn around point and headed back to Devon, a 32 k ride.

Continuing east from the hall, Next @ the 23 k mark, is the gorge, a set of great training hills. Max speed down from east to west 74.7 kph and I was able to spin all the way up the other side!

This past week I didn't get down to the small chain ring so I had to stop half way up the east side, fix the chain line then; spun up the rest of the way. Max speed was 47 k into the wind. Its fun and a good way to practise hill climbing!

Heading south again, At the 30 k mark we pass the Leduc No.1 well site and museum. It was here in the 1940's that oil was first found in Alberta and why the town of Devon exists, it was a company town for the oil workers. Alberta's Black Gold Economy has its roots from here.

Finally heading west again at the 35 k mark is the sign telling us Calmar is just over the horizon.

Finally, a blurry shot from inside the van going down main street of the wee town of Calmar, AB. I had to ride out of town west 5 k and back to get 50 km. But It was a great ride. Sure beats staying in the house watching the Oilers Duck hunting in Anaheim.

Ride Fast, Ride Comfortable, Ride 'Bent!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Riding on May Long Weekend

Its great to have a long weekend! Did almost 100 k Sunday and Monday. Sunday Afternoon I rode by myself out on highway #39 to Thorby the next town west of us; was 42 k trip total weather was great slight wind on the return. Monday I rode with my friend Tom L and did a 48k loop to Devon, West to Milton hall to Calmar. Maxed out down the gully @74.7 kph and Pedaled ALL THE WAY up the other side! WAHOO! A personal best all the way! Maxed out the heart rate though 179 bpm. Tom lent me an extra heart rate monitor to see if I want one. So Far I like it, my avg HR riding is 136. In the middle of the cardio zone for my age.
Tom was bushed and butt sore after the ride. It was his first real ride of the year, and the wind set him back a bit. I was afraid I was going to slow him down and only see his rear in the distance all day. But 'BENTS RULE! this chubby bunny was ahead all day! Tom has been the best rider I ride with for the last couple of years, he is a weekend roadie; but work has tied him up over the winter and he needs to do alot more riding. Then we will see (he says).

Well we seem to have a team for Cycle LA June 24. A 120 k bike relay to raise funds for our local hospital. Should be fun. I will keep you posted.

I finally got a Minora Swing Post on the front derailer, for my L.E.D. headlight. Now its mounted out of the way and looks cool too! Plus Alice sewed on a reflective triangle on the burley bag for more visiblity. Also, I took accessory bag out of the car and added it to the handle bars to keep the cel phone and MP3 player handy (I was getting strangled by the earphone cord). On long windy rides having some tunes or an audio book on low vol sure passes away the time better.
Well gotta go, see soon,
Ride safe - Larry

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ms Tour Training Ride

Today I joined up with Kel, a Vision recumbent owner from Edmonton, on the MS Tour training ride. We rode on Twnroads 504 & 502 or hiway #19 west, from Devon church to the Wilton Park community hall and back. Its like a private cycling hiway, in two hrs we had less than a dozen vehicles pass us!
35.5 km in 1.5 hrs
avg 20.5 kph with a Top speed 69.9 kph (woo whoo) down the gorge hill and pedalled out 1/2 way up the other side. Had to walk, legs burned out on the climbs out- still just pushing to much weight. (someone told me that when riding every 10 lb feels like a 2 % grade; so if thats true I am still going up a additional 20% grade! no wonder the legs burn!!) But I got 1/2 way and the calves didn't hurt to walk. A big improvement over last year!
beautiful weather 17 +
Great bike n hiway. Nice to ride with another ´bent ryder!

Then went into town with Tom L and hit alot of bike stores. Bought an airzounds, pressure guage and leg warmers from MEC; fruit bars from Costco and a latte from 2nd cup
Tom gave me a Polar 520 heart rate monitor/cycling to try out. It has a wireless hookup for the bike functions so I am not sure it will work on the Django. I want to maximise my work outs and rides.
Overall a Great Saturday, I really, really enjoyed the day! oh yeah, I closed the shop too!
Ta Ta fer Now

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Had a blast today!

I am participating in a pre ride for the Ms Tour on Sat, so I am trying to get my engine tuned for it. Today I decided to ride home @ 5 from the shop, its 17.8 km. During the Red Neck Rally on the high way I drive home on; its during the evening dash the workers from the Nisku Industrial Park and city buzz home on.
Had a tail wind.
Seriously hit 52.9 kph at one point.
Laughing all the time cause I know that the computer IS tracking right this time. Made it in 36 min. 17.8 km. I was smoking! avg speed was about 36kph. tailwinds are a blast!. If only I could ride home like that all the time! I was at a cadence of around 74rpm on avg. felt great after, limber not tired! 'Bents ... gotta lov em!
Then around 8:30 I was feeling restless so I went for another 10.8 k ride west on highway 39; wind was at my back again out, avg 28.9 k max 38.9. cadence 74 rpm. Then I turned back east, speed 19k total time 29 min. 10.8 k, avg 24.2kph for the whole ride.
I really like having a cadence on the computer. I almost watch this more now than the avg speed. I feel that I am getting a better work out, easier on the knees and more efficent. My legs have muscles I did'nt know I had; now that they are letting me know their there from the aches and tiredness I feel . But they is growing and getting better.I love my Django! Can't think of a better way to spend time than cruising down the high with the wind behind my back!
Get out there and have a great ride

Monday, May 08, 2006

May meaderings

Well I am making progress in preparing for the MS Tour in 5 weeks. Riding @ around 22-26kph avg and 10-20k a ride every other evening. I am on target for getting my weight down, 285 now; I should be at 275 in time, getting up them hills will be easier. Yes, I do have other trips I am planning this summer to further encourage me to lose more weight. I am planning to do the Tour de Alberta metric century in July, 21. The Oregon 'bent rally Aug 19, and another century in late Sept, maybe Calmar to Drayton Valley. My goal is to continue riding as long as I can and be working out all winter, so this time next year I should be fit at around 185-190.

I am very happy to say that I have successfully made the transition to clipless pedals. I've only fallen once. Took me awhile to figure out all the wee little tweaks. At first I didn't like the position of riding on the balls of my feet instead of the arch; my right foot was going numb until I moved my seat up a bit and tightened the straps on the Lake sandals; and I had to turn in the cleats more, 'cause I ride toes out heels in and was unclipping to easily. I really like the added power being clipped in gives and surprisingly the added endurance. If you ride 'bent having the clip in system is worth it.

Last week I added a new long cable Trek computer, along with the usual features it has temperature and cadence, it sure is helping me with my spinning and heartrate. I found that I was spinning around 60 rpm so I am retraining myself to be at least in the mid 70's. Later in the season I want to be in the low 80's. Gearing down and spinning faster IS helping my speed factor and endurance. I feel like I am training for some big time event. Its kinda cool to have this feeling like I am tackeling and accomplishing something significant (well, to me anyways).

I also added a 1 watt L.E.D. headlight from Planet bike for those later evening rides where I am finishing on the hiway at dusk. I want the oncoming traffic to know some one is approaching.

And I finally got my Swagman XC bike rack adapted to accomodate a swb and lwb bent. I love the way my friend Rudy remade the hitch and beefed up the poles to support more weight.

I had to dremel more notches so the hooks would "click" in low enough to secure the Jet Creek. I was easy with a cut off disk!

To finish this report I must say that I am enjoying riding my Django even more than last year. I mentioned to my wife Alice just the other night, that some days I feel really stiff, especially my back and I do not want to ride, but I go an wa-la I get back no longer stiff! Riding 'bent "is" good for me!
Thanks for check'n in