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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The End of Summer '06

Well, its been a while since I last updated this blog. Let see;
I have been riding abit, at least every thursday with our local riding group Godspoke. We meet at 6:30 pm, ride around town and stop for coffee somewhere, usually the local Tim Hortons. Anywhere from 3 to 8 of us ply the roads of Nisku and Leduc. We have found that riding after dark can be fun and a totally different experience.

We have all gotten lights to illuminate our path. I Picked up a Nite Hawk Digital Emitter with Recharger from MEC (This super bright (approximately 10 watt) white LED headlight system has 11 light-output settings and features an advanced microprocessor to ensure continued brightness throughout the battery cycle. Includes rechargeable NiMH batteries and recharging kit.)
I really like it. It really lights up the road in front, but I still think If I was riding alot after dark I would get another to really widen the total path of light, maybe a helmet mounted one! On the back of my bike I have a: Blackburn Mars 2 Rear blinky - from REI in Seattle. This is one bright taillight with 3 modes -highly recommended.

This september I did it again. I have been riding recumbents for 4 years. Some how I have managed to get 4 'bents in that time. First was a BikeE AT that I traded up for a BikeE RX that I found later was too small for me. Then my LBS got in a Burley Jet Creek for which I traded in lieu of my RX. Then BikeE went out out biz and I got a CT from Ebay. Then Last year I got a Burley Django which I rode last summer and the summer of 05. Then I went to the recumbent retreat in Oregon, and relazied that I was a Easy Racer wanna be. Riding my Django was fun and fast but after a couple of centuries this summer I was getting a severly sore tailbone. Due to the fact I was so reclined on the Django, because I had to recline to get my belly out of the way. I like to ride fairly fast but I also am beginning to like riding far. The MS tour, Tour de Alberta gave me a taste of going the distance. I think I may see randoneering in my future.

Randoneering is riding set distances in a certain time, 200 to qualify for a 300k then 400 then 600 then 1200k. If you can ride consistently at 15mph you can finish the rides on time. I may not get beyond the 400k rides but I wanted a bike that would help get me there in comfort and speed. The more I talked to people at the recumbent rally the more I was Impressed with the Easy Racers. They are made for faster long distance rides. And the enthusiasium from current oners really impressed me that a Tour Easy was in my future.
So late August I started my research to see what a second hand one would cost, looking on Ebay, the classified on BROL and the Easy Racer Forum. I was thinking of Spring but if I got the right one I could extend my riding into November if I had a fairing.
Then mid September I posted a note on BROL that I was looking for a good used TE. A couple of days later I got a private message from a lady in Seattle who said she had what I was looking for and would email me pics and more info after the weekend.
A few days later I got an email with pics of a Tour Easy freshly uncrated. She had gotten this TE in a round about way from someone in northern California, she had them take it to Easy Racers nearby, they wrapped it and sent it to her. How long it sat in her garage up unopened I don't know. But before my eyes I am seeing this TE with fairing, rapid fire shifters, rack, (the bike I envisioned I would get) lying amidst cardboard and cellophane. She never rode it, she had to unpack it to take the pics! From what she told me it is a 2004 that the fellow never took to. It sat and was hardly ever ridden. the rear cassette looks brand new!
So we haggled a bit then I decided to get it. We found out that some friends of ours were going to Vancouver for the weekend and that they would pick up the bike there and bring it back. So Rosie from Seattle loaded up her car and drove to Vancouver dropped it off at Cambie Cycle and Dale & Judy picked it up from there and dove to Calmar and WA LLA I am an EasyRacer, Tour Easy Owner and Rider.

So, I am very happy with my TE which I call "Rosie" After the generous Lady who went out of her way and country to get me this 'Bent. The more I ride it, the more "right" it feels for me. I want to change a few things, what 'bent rider doesn't want to add a few mods and make it thiers, eh! Eventually I will upgrade the Touring gearing for a higher front chain ring, add at least a tail sock; but I enjoy the ride, it is allowing me to ride further in the fall (like that fairing) Well, I think I going to go for a ride on this nice Autumm Thanksgiving Sunday. I will write soon and post more pics of the TE and our rides.

Enjoy the Ride


P.S. I have a Burley 2004 Jet Creek and a 2002 Burley Django upgraded with xt gearing for sale now, my wife would like a TE in the spring!