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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Last Ride?

Well my wife Alice and I went for a short ride and photo op on Saturday. The weather reports said snow on Sunday so we drove into Leduc and a ride around Telford lake area and took some pictures of my TE and Alice riding. I picked up a tripod for my camera at Staples and away we went.

It was a great fall afternoon and I hope not the end of my riding for 2006. I am just 35k short of riding 2000k for the year. I am going to do over that even if I have to ride in the snow New Years Eve! This is by far the most I have ever ridden in any year. I had a list of riding goals I wanted to do in the next couple of year and did them this year! Wa hoo.I am getting a bug for long distance riding. I have been reading the exploits of Micheal Wolfe and others who do long distance riding and am developing the goals of riding in some of the local brevets (randoneeering) in 2007. These are sanctioned riding events with timing and checkpoints with lenghts of 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k and 1000K. If you can ride an average of 16k/hr and endure the seat for 7.5 hrs per 100k you can do it easy. Plus you can get a medal and record posting in Paris, France! I hope to do a 200k and 300k in 07. This will envolve training and discipline on my part. I am finding that if I want to lose weight and maintain it I gotta have some goals set.

Will I lose the weight and accomplish it ... who knows but I am going to attempt them along with the MS Tour, Ride LA, and our Godspoke rides and tours next year. So Stay tuned, Look for posts reguarding the training, equipment, and stuff this next year.
TTFN Larry