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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I had it

Seems like dare be snow outside!
So riding in the future is probably on hold until spring. If that is the case I rode over 1600k in 2006! This past week our wee bike club had its last ride; 5 of us rode 13.5 k around Leduc in cool and wet night streets, then met a couple at the Local cafe for lattes and Chias. We had a great time! From local rides around Calmar and Leduc, The Ms Tour and Tour de Alberta and The Recumbent retreat in Oregon - I had a great season.
I did my first 1 Day century with the Tour De Alberta and learned alot about my self. 1-I like to ride with some one. Not nessarily beside them all the time but with hailing range. 2- the longer I rode the longer it would take for my tailbone not to be tender. gotta lose more weight. 3- I like long rides with friends. 4-I like to ride with Audible books (scifi) and good music. 5-I gotta lose more weight 6- riding takes commitment. 7- Just do it!
My 2 most favorite rides this year were The MS Tour- cause I surpassed some challenges over last years ride and Our Godspoke Ride to Pigeon Lake-38k - we had a lot of fun and great company! I really am Blessed that Alice my wife enjoys riding ... with ME!

This saturday afternoon I drove down to Bentley Cycle to spend the afternoon with Grant the owner and say goodbye to my Burleys, the Django and the Jet Creek. I delivered them to Grant for consignment 'cause Alice would like to ride a TE too! If you are looking for a great ride drop into Grants and check them and all the other bike he has. Alice and I really like the ride, handling and speed the Tour Easy has. I find them so much easier to start and stop on and ride with other Df riders. Plus the fairing is nice on cooler rides, sleek looking and Fast. We hope that this will be our last upgrades for awhile. I have had 5 different bents in 5 years! Now I get to outfit TWO TE's
As for the engine improvement I was down to 285lb in june and have gained up 20lb back. But I learned alot about weight loss and conditioning- ITS NOT EASY! and so easy to regain what you lost. SO I am going back to the gym I November, I have swayed my trainer into offering a set of areobic classes in January to help and encourage more significantly obese people. She has been caught in a gym culture mindset and was frustrated that obese, out of shape people were not not enthusiastic about weight training and classes so we had a long talk one afternoon about my preceptions from the otherside of the fence. So her next set of classes that I will be in will focus on the other side. we will see what happens.
I want to get to and maintain 275-250 by june 07 , Hey its a goal! 2008 to 225lb. With all the riding I want to do in 2007 (2-2500k) it will be a challenge. And HEY, there is very little commuting miles in that goal. Riding this kind of mileage takes significant time. Family, work, and other committments gotta squeeze around it. But I'm lucky -I have my family and friends who like to ride!
Talk to you soon ,