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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1000 km

Tonight I rode past the 1000 km mark for the year! Yea! I know as I read the totals each year for CKAP that many people do that in a month - but I have a life and .... Well this past weekend  I also past 10,000 km (that I have been charting) of riding a recumbent. A milestone.
As I have posted before riding a recumbent has changed my life and I see riding one (or two or three) for alot of years to come. Some years I may get more in others less. Will I ever own a regular bicycle again - Maybe; but I know that I enjoy cycling, its part of my life now. I hope and pray I can still ride for another 25-30 years. But I made it to 10,000 - I only have another 991 to go to get a official CKAP reconigtion for riding 10,000 km since logging with them. I hope to reach 25,000, it might take me another 15 years of life getting in the way but I will enjoy every ride until I do.
At least riding has enabled me to get fit enough to try. I worry about the growth of obesity I see around me and a real lack of willingness to get off the couch, put down the cheezies, turn off the T.V. and get involved in some sort of ongoing healthy excercise! Just sit down in a mall andn watch the people going by. Too many people are getting heavier younger and as they get past thier 40's. I really believe that technology ie: the net and TV is ruining the health of the nation. The people I see in the gyms and engaged in fundraising athons are not the majority of the population. I just shake my head - cause even 5 years ago I there. It took a move and a little blue BikeE recumbent bike to get me on the the road to a healthier, broader life! 
See ya along the next 10,000- Larry

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I’m A Cycle Tour Wimp (wannabe)

I came to the sudden realization tonight that I am a cycling tourist wannbe. A what?  I wanna be a cycling tourist but several things hold me back:

1) No time; really I run my own business; it is really feeling the economic times, a lack of staff and work does hamper taking time off during the summer season
2) Lack of funds; see above
3) where do I go
4) I really am a social person so who do I go with
5) Fat and somewhat lazy; I don’t like to ride more than 50-100 km in a day, several days in a row
6) Time and money; see above
7) Motivation; its a lot easier to live through others ride reports, isn’t it

I research all over the net, read ride reports, about others that just plan and then do it. I feel so tied down and constrained some times. I know that its not right to envy others but it can  weigh a person down.  I am slowly getting fitter to do these things, but I am still 50-60 lbs too heavy still. Got to be disciplined to get the fat off over the next 12 months.

Okay, If I really could plan and do it what/ where would I want go…

hmm …
day trips and S240’s for now
Jasper to banff in 5+ days  (2011?)
Olympic Penninsula, Wash State or any ride in the Oregon/Wash area

Our cycling Group Godspoke and Marvelous Marv’s SDG Tours do some fun, challenging, thrifty rides. I am lucky to be a part of them. They are in my range: I guess I like to be a tourist that cycles, SAG’ed, low km days, low budget -  and they are a fun group of misfits to do things with!

Someday another real Adventure awaits; I have real fond (though some what pained) memories of the Southern B.C. trip a few years ago ( I got hurt and could not ride) but what an adventure!

It really is about time and money. At least I can take a week and Do the SDG Tour this year to Penticton. If I get fitter and keep my health, I still have 15 years or so to do a couple of bonafide cycle tours!!

Thanks for letting me vent. I am lucky, I know… I was just was planning to go to an event this summer in Kellogg, Id. the TOT. But came to the realization I don’t really have the money or time to go this year – and that sucks! The Penticton ride is not second rate in any way – its just that I have to go alone again without Alice, I wanted to go with her somewhere but we have to keep the shop goin,’ so we’ll have somewhat separate holidays again.  I had to be real in my hopes and expectations this year like thousands of others …

Well stay tuned , If you hang around long enough you can read the ride report. LOL

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Cool Day for A Charity Ride!

Saturday we set up for the the Annual MS Tour Training ride: Devon to Wilton Park Hall and back. This is a small way for Godspoke to give back to the community and help promote our group. This is the fourth year we have set up a refreshment stop for them. its always great to know that it is appreciated.

 DSCF6072 DSCF6074 DSCF6075

Happy Mothers Day Ladies!