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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Has Sprung?!!

While it was sunny and clear today I have heard (via BROL) that certain riders in Cowtown were again getting another dose of cabin fever as it snowed there this weekend! (sorry Vic!)

I am trying to get motivated to commute home at least a couple of days a week this year from Leduc to Calmar. Yes, I know its only 19km or just over 11 miles but for my weary (fat) bones its takes some motivation. Its my endeavor to finally lose wieght this year consistently. I am taking some points from "Large fella on a bike" blog and his diet. He lost almost 300 lb in 2 years. Check out his story here: be sure to see the slide show its real motivating! I modified the diet somewhat and it seems to be working for me, as I have lost 5 lb in 10 days. it Yahoo! Now to get the excercise part going...

With spring here, sorta, I have been checking out my gear and sorting it out for the types of rides I do: 1-solo training rides up the highway and back, 2-groups rides around Leduc and area with riders of various skill levels, 3- day trips and tours. I wanted a slimmed down version road kit for my solo rides and don't want to pack the kitchen sink (so to speak) I was at MEC agian this weekend and found a great inexpensive, lite mutli-tool The Filzer I Tool Grande

Just what I wanted to reassure myself as I cruise down the hiway. I can now load up my hydration bag with it , some Park glueless patches, some tire levers, a mini Park Crescent wrench, my Brave soldier Crash Pak (sm 1st aid kit), water and zoom!

Well, If I convince myself to ride home tomorrow, I will have ridden over 100km for March - not bad considering the -3 weather hanging around most of the month-
Take care, Ride Safe...Larry

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It still be chilli

Oh when the sun goes down, the temp plummets! We found that out as we rode tonight.
A small group was out tonight basking in the dry streets and almost biking weather. Still a chance to ride with a couple of friends is a great way to burn 1400 calories and think seriously about getting back on track witht the weight loss thingy. I have been getting several comments lateely on how good I look. Kind of puzzling since I am on a bit of a weight loss plateau right now. But IT DOES give me some sparks of motivation. The MS TOUR in June is appproaching fairly fast and has been a great motivator for me in the past. Plus the more I ride the more I remember how much I like my bike. Oh yeah..

I ordered a new Planet Bike Super Spot Stealth rear blinky from Planet Bike this last week and then I stopped at MEC and they had them finally; at $14 instead of the $29 plus shipping I paid from Planet Bike, oh well! You sure cannot beat MEC pricing on alot of bike related gear!
I also Ordered an electolyte replacement drink for Bike Nashbar- Clif Shot - Green Apple- Mmmmm I like!- Powerade had a drink called Atomic Apple that I love but they took it off the market just over a year ago; ever since I have been looking for the Clif Shot drink here in Canada- Nobody sells it so I finally got it on a sale price from Nashbar...just what I have been waiting for - a nice tart drink that is a good balnce of all the goods bits one is supposed to get whiule riding. Try it you might just like it!
I went to a bike prep seminar this past sunday held by the Edmonton Biking and Touring Club. About 30 people showed up. It was a good refresher to have someone show us what to look for in tuning up your bike for the new season. Good Time - one of the long time club riders brought his $10,000 titanum and carbon hand made road bike.It was really nice with some cool engraving in the titanium!
Well its getting late - I hope that it is not too cold this Easter - I would like to ride at least 50km during the break.
Ride safe - Larry aka: the diff

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Club Ride

Well it was OFFICIAL tonight. Our Local Recreational Riding Club, GodSpoke Cyclists, had our first '08 Season ride. It was cold and windy but 6 brave souls pedaled around the paths in Leduc and the headed to TIMs to warm up over a cup hot JOE! We rode for 80 min total- half in the dark; but most had lights on, sort of looked like a parade with all the twinkling lights!
We had a great time even with the chilly wind. Its amazing that after being outside you go in for a drink and realize how hot it is indoors after you have gotten used to outside. Everyone was commenting how fresh and brisk they felt after the ride. Its nice to be outside after winter!
So bundle up and get out. You'll feel great for it.
See ya later