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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Club Ride

Well it was OFFICIAL tonight. Our Local Recreational Riding Club, GodSpoke Cyclists, had our first '08 Season ride. It was cold and windy but 6 brave souls pedaled around the paths in Leduc and the headed to TIMs to warm up over a cup hot JOE! We rode for 80 min total- half in the dark; but most had lights on, sort of looked like a parade with all the twinkling lights!
We had a great time even with the chilly wind. Its amazing that after being outside you go in for a drink and realize how hot it is indoors after you have gotten used to outside. Everyone was commenting how fresh and brisk they felt after the ride. Its nice to be outside after winter!
So bundle up and get out. You'll feel great for it.
See ya later

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