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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It still be chilli

Oh when the sun goes down, the temp plummets! We found that out as we rode tonight.
A small group was out tonight basking in the dry streets and almost biking weather. Still a chance to ride with a couple of friends is a great way to burn 1400 calories and think seriously about getting back on track witht the weight loss thingy. I have been getting several comments lateely on how good I look. Kind of puzzling since I am on a bit of a weight loss plateau right now. But IT DOES give me some sparks of motivation. The MS TOUR in June is appproaching fairly fast and has been a great motivator for me in the past. Plus the more I ride the more I remember how much I like my bike. Oh yeah..

I ordered a new Planet Bike Super Spot Stealth rear blinky from Planet Bike this last week and then I stopped at MEC and they had them finally; at $14 instead of the $29 plus shipping I paid from Planet Bike, oh well! You sure cannot beat MEC pricing on alot of bike related gear!
I also Ordered an electolyte replacement drink for Bike Nashbar- Clif Shot - Green Apple- Mmmmm I like!- Powerade had a drink called Atomic Apple that I love but they took it off the market just over a year ago; ever since I have been looking for the Clif Shot drink here in Canada- Nobody sells it so I finally got it on a sale price from Nashbar...just what I have been waiting for - a nice tart drink that is a good balnce of all the goods bits one is supposed to get whiule riding. Try it you might just like it!
I went to a bike prep seminar this past sunday held by the Edmonton Biking and Touring Club. About 30 people showed up. It was a good refresher to have someone show us what to look for in tuning up your bike for the new season. Good Time - one of the long time club riders brought his $10,000 titanum and carbon hand made road bike.It was really nice with some cool engraving in the titanium!
Well its getting late - I hope that it is not too cold this Easter - I would like to ride at least 50km during the break.
Ride safe - Larry aka: the diff

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