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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ridn in Aug

Hey Hey! I can see from the prior post that August has been busy! No Posts 'til now!

I have been riding while I was not posting,
Aug long weekend we went to the Fat tire Festival at Frontier Lodge near Nordegg AB.
Then we went on vacation. August 12-22. We went to Ft. Stevens Park in Oregon for the 8th Annual Recumbent retreat!
We stopped in Kelowna for a couple of days then drove south to Winnachee/Leavensworth Wa. and Stayed at the KOA in a cabin. then over to the wash/oregon border.

While in Kelowna I was able to do a ride I wanted to do since last year, RIDE down Crystal Mtn and along Okanogan Lake.

It was fantastic- total km was 46 on a hot 30c day! click here for a short video and other photos of our trip.
When we got to Ft. Stevens we were amazed at the treed, paved paths. They have over 9 miles of these paths. We rode around for 4 days in the area. We participated in the Poker Run, (won a new carbon spider visor, bentretreat coffee mug), Went to Ernies Diner Saturday morning for Breakfast (8 miles), Did the ride Sat afternoon to Ft. Clapstop (where Lewis and Clark finished their historic trek and steyed for 9 months scouting and reprovisioning for the trk back)(28 m).
Saturday nite everyone Dressed up thier bikes with light and paraded through all the camp ground loops, to the delight of the campers! Truly a high Light of the weekend.
Had a surprise visit from my freind Craig Stinson who is living in the Salem area. Sunday we rode around the campground trails, saw awesome kiters on the beach with huge kites and kite surfing. In total I rode almost 100 miles or 158km during
that weekend. Yeehaw!

It was Great to make new friends Like Mark (I really am glad we spent time together riding and eating popper CLAMs!) and Glen (thanks for the guided tour of Warrington). TO meet and hear Fast Freddy and the RAAM team, meet Connie, Lonnie (NO5) from the OHPV, Pat from Terra Cycle and Jim Wills, eat tons of food at the potluck. I have uploaded photos onto photobucket, click on the above link to see em.

Would I go back OH Yes! I am not sure about next year but I am planning to be there for the 10th Annual ride for sure!

Saturday we packed up and drove to Yakima and bought a rear blinky from REI and the drove to Chilliwack BC. Stayed over night and then drove to Jasper them home to Edmonton. whew .
One of my main reasons for going was to see and ride types of 'bents I don't see up here. I did, I asked alot of questions and rode: the New ER Javalyn prototype, a Volea Club, Rans F5, and several Easy racers. Going I knew that it was EASY Racer territory, and was going to see and hear and ride them. I came back convinced to get a second hand one. Don't get me wrong I love my Django but the easy racer is much better suited to my current girth.

The overwhelming conviction of ER Riders is the bikes speed and comfort. Speed- I could not keep up to those faired demons; even ALice my wife liked em. So I am on the hunt for a used Tour Easy under $1000 cdn. They are too expensive to buy new outright, and If I don't like it I can sell it. Man that will be 5 bents in 5 years. This has got to stop!

Here is a list of Items for my 'bent I have picked up in Aug:
Blackburn Mars 2 Rear blinky - REI
4xl Riding Jersy- g & j cyclewear EUGENE OR.
BLINKY rearLIGHT Flilzer -me
Tri socket wrench -united cycle
Park MTB7 mutli tool for ALices bent- United cycle
Terracycle Burley Idler. Bently Cycle

Life should be getting back to a more normal schedule now so I will talk to you soon TTFN