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Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Guy IS GONE!!!!!

 Today I hit my 1/2 way point to my immediate weight loss goal
Since January 1, 2010 I have decreased my body fat from
37% to 28%
over 35 lb of Fat Gone
 over15 lb of lean muscle gained
Jan 1- 307
March 24 -276
my goal 245 by July 1
Discipline, Exercise, Diet
Some Days it is really tough to do the calorie burn, some days easy..
I expect the next 12 weeks to be the same...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Long Rosie!

Today was the end of a beautiful relationship. Its bitter sweet one, both sad and happy. I shall miss Rosie, we had alot of wonderful times and yet like all relationships there were some incidents. She tossed me a couple of times, but I was either foolin' around or I took her where she really didn't belong. She was a great stress relief and comfort. A wonderful traveling companion. She carried her fair share and more. From her I learned how to press on when things are tough, and little by little you can accomplish great things. She helped me make alot of new freinds; But she has moved on to another guy. 

Yes, today I sold my Easy Racer Tour Easy Recumbent bike "Rosie".

 Her new owner is excited and very happy tonight. All week as she sat in my shop lobby waiting to be picked up, I wondered what was I thinking. She looks so good. She rides so well. But another has taken her place; prettier in some ways, faster, stronger, just a little bit more lively. Hopefully she will come up to Edmonton real soon and I will introduce her to you. Like me she is from cowtown,
her name Bleu....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wilton Hall Ride

Today I was able to ride 30 km to Wilton Park Hall. It's a nice ride 8 km west of Calmar, then north 5km to the Hall, Then I did a loop around town to pick up some wings for supper.
The ride to the hall has some nice rolling hills and long grades of 2-3 degrees or more, so I get a nice burn out it and some nice speed. Its about 2/3 highway with wide shoulders and 1/3 quiet paved rural road.
The ride and a visit to the gym today earned me 2350 calories. It was still a bit cool +6 but sunny. It will be nice to ride with out face protection in a couple of weeks.
 I also stopped and raised my fairing 1.5 inches. In emails with Lonnie Morse from Portland (Long time Easy Racer Rider and tech guru) he advised me to raise my fairing after I had sent him some pix of me on the TE. It might create a bigger hole in the air this way but he says it is more areodynamic and it would help my speed and agianst the wind. My Ride back was into the wind for 1/3 so I thought I would try it. Yep, it worked, instead of the wind coming off the fairing and into the top of my chest, it was hitting me in the eyes. I may need to raise it another 3/4 of inch so it hits my visor and over my head. We'll see how it goes.

Well I reached 1/3 of my goal weight loss today. I am down 21 lbs towards 62 or more!  I can really see the difference in how my clothes are fitting. I have a wall I hit around 280 -275. I have not made it past this mark in 5 years of trying. Pray for me that I keep on exercising and watching what I eat. Once I hit 275 I know I can do it and the next 25 - 30 will be just as tough/easy as this first bit. Stay Tuned ....
Have a great day and get out and ride!

Friday, March 05, 2010

First Commute Home

Wow! This is the earliest I have ever started commuting from the shop! It took me about 51min odo time and probably a total of 60 min all together for lights and stops for a drink or 2. I also rode to Wendys to grab lunch and rode the long way back to the shop for a 23 km riding today. I sure can tell I have been sick for 2 weeks AND its my first commute. I was wasted by the time I got home. I had a cross wind that wasn't to bad, averaged 19.5 kph hiting 30 a few times. Over all I feel stronger this year already, so it could be a good year (I hope)
It was slower at the shop this week so I took the oppurtunity so clean up my recumbent. I also took the plunge and today I split my Garmin Speed/cadence sensor, so I can finally use use the speed pick up on the back wheel and get a bit better accuracy on the Garmin 705. Man them wires are small! I had to crack open the sensor to get the longer cord soldered. It took alot of patience but I finally did it. I wasn't sure for a while and thought I had screwed up the whole thing at one point. But tonight I can say it worked great on the way home SUCCESS! whew! Next week I will seal up the sensor real good with some urethane and then make a better mount for the rear speed sensor using some remouldable plastic
The weather is cooler; but it is so nice and sunny; Don't be a wuss, bundle up and go for a ride - you'll be glad ya did
I have My recumbent (an Easy Racer Tour Easy) for sale as I have an oppurtunity to get a similar but upgraded version (GRR) this spring. so if you are interested or know someone, let them know eh?!