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Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Long Rosie!

Today was the end of a beautiful relationship. Its bitter sweet one, both sad and happy. I shall miss Rosie, we had alot of wonderful times and yet like all relationships there were some incidents. She tossed me a couple of times, but I was either foolin' around or I took her where she really didn't belong. She was a great stress relief and comfort. A wonderful traveling companion. She carried her fair share and more. From her I learned how to press on when things are tough, and little by little you can accomplish great things. She helped me make alot of new freinds; But she has moved on to another guy. 

Yes, today I sold my Easy Racer Tour Easy Recumbent bike "Rosie".

 Her new owner is excited and very happy tonight. All week as she sat in my shop lobby waiting to be picked up, I wondered what was I thinking. She looks so good. She rides so well. But another has taken her place; prettier in some ways, faster, stronger, just a little bit more lively. Hopefully she will come up to Edmonton real soon and I will introduce her to you. Like me she is from cowtown,
her name Bleu....