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Friday, March 05, 2010

First Commute Home

Wow! This is the earliest I have ever started commuting from the shop! It took me about 51min odo time and probably a total of 60 min all together for lights and stops for a drink or 2. I also rode to Wendys to grab lunch and rode the long way back to the shop for a 23 km riding today. I sure can tell I have been sick for 2 weeks AND its my first commute. I was wasted by the time I got home. I had a cross wind that wasn't to bad, averaged 19.5 kph hiting 30 a few times. Over all I feel stronger this year already, so it could be a good year (I hope)
It was slower at the shop this week so I took the oppurtunity so clean up my recumbent. I also took the plunge and today I split my Garmin Speed/cadence sensor, so I can finally use use the speed pick up on the back wheel and get a bit better accuracy on the Garmin 705. Man them wires are small! I had to crack open the sensor to get the longer cord soldered. It took alot of patience but I finally did it. I wasn't sure for a while and thought I had screwed up the whole thing at one point. But tonight I can say it worked great on the way home SUCCESS! whew! Next week I will seal up the sensor real good with some urethane and then make a better mount for the rear speed sensor using some remouldable plastic
The weather is cooler; but it is so nice and sunny; Don't be a wuss, bundle up and go for a ride - you'll be glad ya did
I have My recumbent (an Easy Racer Tour Easy) for sale as I have an oppurtunity to get a similar but upgraded version (GRR) this spring. so if you are interested or know someone, let them know eh?!