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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Has Sprung?!!

While it was sunny and clear today I have heard (via BROL) that certain riders in Cowtown were again getting another dose of cabin fever as it snowed there this weekend! (sorry Vic!)

I am trying to get motivated to commute home at least a couple of days a week this year from Leduc to Calmar. Yes, I know its only 19km or just over 11 miles but for my weary (fat) bones its takes some motivation. Its my endeavor to finally lose wieght this year consistently. I am taking some points from "Large fella on a bike" blog and his diet. He lost almost 300 lb in 2 years. Check out his story here: be sure to see the slide show its real motivating! I modified the diet somewhat and it seems to be working for me, as I have lost 5 lb in 10 days. it Yahoo! Now to get the excercise part going...

With spring here, sorta, I have been checking out my gear and sorting it out for the types of rides I do: 1-solo training rides up the highway and back, 2-groups rides around Leduc and area with riders of various skill levels, 3- day trips and tours. I wanted a slimmed down version road kit for my solo rides and don't want to pack the kitchen sink (so to speak) I was at MEC agian this weekend and found a great inexpensive, lite mutli-tool The Filzer I Tool Grande

Just what I wanted to reassure myself as I cruise down the hiway. I can now load up my hydration bag with it , some Park glueless patches, some tire levers, a mini Park Crescent wrench, my Brave soldier Crash Pak (sm 1st aid kit), water and zoom!

Well, If I convince myself to ride home tomorrow, I will have ridden over 100km for March - not bad considering the -3 weather hanging around most of the month-
Take care, Ride Safe...Larry

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