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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I’m A Cycle Tour Wimp (wannabe)

I came to the sudden realization tonight that I am a cycling tourist wannbe. A what?  I wanna be a cycling tourist but several things hold me back:

1) No time; really I run my own business; it is really feeling the economic times, a lack of staff and work does hamper taking time off during the summer season
2) Lack of funds; see above
3) where do I go
4) I really am a social person so who do I go with
5) Fat and somewhat lazy; I don’t like to ride more than 50-100 km in a day, several days in a row
6) Time and money; see above
7) Motivation; its a lot easier to live through others ride reports, isn’t it

I research all over the net, read ride reports, about others that just plan and then do it. I feel so tied down and constrained some times. I know that its not right to envy others but it can  weigh a person down.  I am slowly getting fitter to do these things, but I am still 50-60 lbs too heavy still. Got to be disciplined to get the fat off over the next 12 months.

Okay, If I really could plan and do it what/ where would I want go…

hmm …
day trips and S240’s for now
Jasper to banff in 5+ days  (2011?)
Olympic Penninsula, Wash State or any ride in the Oregon/Wash area

Our cycling Group Godspoke and Marvelous Marv’s SDG Tours do some fun, challenging, thrifty rides. I am lucky to be a part of them. They are in my range: I guess I like to be a tourist that cycles, SAG’ed, low km days, low budget -  and they are a fun group of misfits to do things with!

Someday another real Adventure awaits; I have real fond (though some what pained) memories of the Southern B.C. trip a few years ago ( I got hurt and could not ride) but what an adventure!

It really is about time and money. At least I can take a week and Do the SDG Tour this year to Penticton. If I get fitter and keep my health, I still have 15 years or so to do a couple of bonafide cycle tours!!

Thanks for letting me vent. I am lucky, I know… I was just was planning to go to an event this summer in Kellogg, Id. the TOT. But came to the realization I don’t really have the money or time to go this year – and that sucks! The Penticton ride is not second rate in any way – its just that I have to go alone again without Alice, I wanted to go with her somewhere but we have to keep the shop goin,’ so we’ll have somewhat separate holidays again.  I had to be real in my hopes and expectations this year like thousands of others …

Well stay tuned , If you hang around long enough you can read the ride report. LOL

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