My Engine Tuning Progress Bar

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Had a blast today!

I am participating in a pre ride for the Ms Tour on Sat, so I am trying to get my engine tuned for it. Today I decided to ride home @ 5 from the shop, its 17.8 km. During the Red Neck Rally on the high way I drive home on; its during the evening dash the workers from the Nisku Industrial Park and city buzz home on.
Had a tail wind.
Seriously hit 52.9 kph at one point.
Laughing all the time cause I know that the computer IS tracking right this time. Made it in 36 min. 17.8 km. I was smoking! avg speed was about 36kph. tailwinds are a blast!. If only I could ride home like that all the time! I was at a cadence of around 74rpm on avg. felt great after, limber not tired! 'Bents ... gotta lov em!
Then around 8:30 I was feeling restless so I went for another 10.8 k ride west on highway 39; wind was at my back again out, avg 28.9 k max 38.9. cadence 74 rpm. Then I turned back east, speed 19k total time 29 min. 10.8 k, avg 24.2kph for the whole ride.
I really like having a cadence on the computer. I almost watch this more now than the avg speed. I feel that I am getting a better work out, easier on the knees and more efficent. My legs have muscles I did'nt know I had; now that they are letting me know their there from the aches and tiredness I feel . But they is growing and getting better.I love my Django! Can't think of a better way to spend time than cruising down the high with the wind behind my back!
Get out there and have a great ride