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Monday, May 22, 2006

Riding on May Long Weekend

Its great to have a long weekend! Did almost 100 k Sunday and Monday. Sunday Afternoon I rode by myself out on highway #39 to Thorby the next town west of us; was 42 k trip total weather was great slight wind on the return. Monday I rode with my friend Tom L and did a 48k loop to Devon, West to Milton hall to Calmar. Maxed out down the gully @74.7 kph and Pedaled ALL THE WAY up the other side! WAHOO! A personal best all the way! Maxed out the heart rate though 179 bpm. Tom lent me an extra heart rate monitor to see if I want one. So Far I like it, my avg HR riding is 136. In the middle of the cardio zone for my age.
Tom was bushed and butt sore after the ride. It was his first real ride of the year, and the wind set him back a bit. I was afraid I was going to slow him down and only see his rear in the distance all day. But 'BENTS RULE! this chubby bunny was ahead all day! Tom has been the best rider I ride with for the last couple of years, he is a weekend roadie; but work has tied him up over the winter and he needs to do alot more riding. Then we will see (he says).

Well we seem to have a team for Cycle LA June 24. A 120 k bike relay to raise funds for our local hospital. Should be fun. I will keep you posted.

I finally got a Minora Swing Post on the front derailer, for my L.E.D. headlight. Now its mounted out of the way and looks cool too! Plus Alice sewed on a reflective triangle on the burley bag for more visiblity. Also, I took accessory bag out of the car and added it to the handle bars to keep the cel phone and MP3 player handy (I was getting strangled by the earphone cord). On long windy rides having some tunes or an audio book on low vol sure passes away the time better.
Well gotta go, see soon,
Ride safe - Larry