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Monday, May 08, 2006

May meaderings

Well I am making progress in preparing for the MS Tour in 5 weeks. Riding @ around 22-26kph avg and 10-20k a ride every other evening. I am on target for getting my weight down, 285 now; I should be at 275 in time, getting up them hills will be easier. Yes, I do have other trips I am planning this summer to further encourage me to lose more weight. I am planning to do the Tour de Alberta metric century in July, 21. The Oregon 'bent rally Aug 19, and another century in late Sept, maybe Calmar to Drayton Valley. My goal is to continue riding as long as I can and be working out all winter, so this time next year I should be fit at around 185-190.

I am very happy to say that I have successfully made the transition to clipless pedals. I've only fallen once. Took me awhile to figure out all the wee little tweaks. At first I didn't like the position of riding on the balls of my feet instead of the arch; my right foot was going numb until I moved my seat up a bit and tightened the straps on the Lake sandals; and I had to turn in the cleats more, 'cause I ride toes out heels in and was unclipping to easily. I really like the added power being clipped in gives and surprisingly the added endurance. If you ride 'bent having the clip in system is worth it.

Last week I added a new long cable Trek computer, along with the usual features it has temperature and cadence, it sure is helping me with my spinning and heartrate. I found that I was spinning around 60 rpm so I am retraining myself to be at least in the mid 70's. Later in the season I want to be in the low 80's. Gearing down and spinning faster IS helping my speed factor and endurance. I feel like I am training for some big time event. Its kinda cool to have this feeling like I am tackeling and accomplishing something significant (well, to me anyways).

I also added a 1 watt L.E.D. headlight from Planet bike for those later evening rides where I am finishing on the hiway at dusk. I want the oncoming traffic to know some one is approaching.

And I finally got my Swagman XC bike rack adapted to accomodate a swb and lwb bent. I love the way my friend Rudy remade the hitch and beefed up the poles to support more weight.

I had to dremel more notches so the hooks would "click" in low enough to secure the Jet Creek. I was easy with a cut off disk!

To finish this report I must say that I am enjoying riding my Django even more than last year. I mentioned to my wife Alice just the other night, that some days I feel really stiff, especially my back and I do not want to ride, but I go an wa-la I get back no longer stiff! Riding 'bent "is" good for me!
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