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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ms Tour Training Ride

Today I joined up with Kel, a Vision recumbent owner from Edmonton, on the MS Tour training ride. We rode on Twnroads 504 & 502 or hiway #19 west, from Devon church to the Wilton Park community hall and back. Its like a private cycling hiway, in two hrs we had less than a dozen vehicles pass us!
35.5 km in 1.5 hrs
avg 20.5 kph with a Top speed 69.9 kph (woo whoo) down the gorge hill and pedalled out 1/2 way up the other side. Had to walk, legs burned out on the climbs out- still just pushing to much weight. (someone told me that when riding every 10 lb feels like a 2 % grade; so if thats true I am still going up a additional 20% grade! no wonder the legs burn!!) But I got 1/2 way and the calves didn't hurt to walk. A big improvement over last year!
beautiful weather 17 +
Great bike n hiway. Nice to ride with another ´bent ryder!

Then went into town with Tom L and hit alot of bike stores. Bought an airzounds, pressure guage and leg warmers from MEC; fruit bars from Costco and a latte from 2nd cup
Tom gave me a Polar 520 heart rate monitor/cycling to try out. It has a wireless hookup for the bike functions so I am not sure it will work on the Django. I want to maximise my work outs and rides.
Overall a Great Saturday, I really, really enjoyed the day! oh yeah, I closed the shop too!
Ta Ta fer Now