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Monday, May 29, 2006

My first 1/2 Century 06

This past Sunday I did my first solo half century!
It was a cool 12 degrees, overcast, wind from the SE.
I averaged 22.3kph for a total wheel time of 2h 16 min. actual 'bout 2:45. 3 stops at 21 k ea.
I painted marks at about every 5 k a couple of months earlier and have ridden most of it. And posted some reports but I thoufght I load up some pics so you could see my ride.

If you look near the bottom of this pic you can see the 8 km mark this is 8 k west of Calmar and I turn north here to Wilton hall. Turning north hera we get onto what the local Edmonton riding Clubs call thier "private biking Highway" Paved and very little traffic.

This is the typical terrain I ride mostly flatish with a few dips. Its the wind that we struggle against or cruize with.

this is Wilton Hall . 13 k from calmar or 16 k from Devon. Its a nice break/rest area (has a girl/guy outhouse) you can see the 13 on the road in the pic. The '06 Ms tour training ride used Wilton Hall as the turn around point and headed back to Devon, a 32 k ride.

Continuing east from the hall, Next @ the 23 k mark, is the gorge, a set of great training hills. Max speed down from east to west 74.7 kph and I was able to spin all the way up the other side!

This past week I didn't get down to the small chain ring so I had to stop half way up the east side, fix the chain line then; spun up the rest of the way. Max speed was 47 k into the wind. Its fun and a good way to practise hill climbing!

Heading south again, At the 30 k mark we pass the Leduc No.1 well site and museum. It was here in the 1940's that oil was first found in Alberta and why the town of Devon exists, it was a company town for the oil workers. Alberta's Black Gold Economy has its roots from here.

Finally heading west again at the 35 k mark is the sign telling us Calmar is just over the horizon.

Finally, a blurry shot from inside the van going down main street of the wee town of Calmar, AB. I had to ride out of town west 5 k and back to get 50 km. But It was a great ride. Sure beats staying in the house watching the Oilers Duck hunting in Anaheim.

Ride Fast, Ride Comfortable, Ride 'Bent!