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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cycle LA

8:00 am BANG! goes the starter gun and the cyclists are off on another Cycle LA to raise funds for new equipment for our local hospital.

My Team: Godspoke ( 5 of us : Jocelyn, Tom, Art, my wife Alice and my self) had a great day of relay cycling, chatting, encouraging and laughing. We didn't even finish last.

It was a sunny hot day (the best weather in Cycle LA History!+27c) The course was fairly level with low sloping hills, except for 2 biggys that I didn't do. Its fun to do this type of relay, each person rides the best they can and yet over a smaller distance. Alot of roadies ride the full 120 km (winner did it in 3hr 46 min). The ride ends in 6 hours, that is why I don't ride the whole thing. It took me 5 hours to ride 80k on the Ms Tour, 120k would take me 7 hrs at my present speed and ability- maybe in a couple of years.

At one point I had a real good tailwind riding north into Thorsby, my wife found me in the van and was following me in Thorsby I was doing 38-40 kph acording to the Van Odo. I forgot my odo at home. I Know that just before entering the town that I was going faster 40-43kph. What a blast! My friends Tom and Jocelyn mentioned to Alice that "Larry has a fast bike".

There was one other bent on the ride a tidalwave 2 action bent, Mike, young fella from Beaumont. Overall Next year is a redo, slimmer, faster and funner!

Ride lots 'til next time