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Saturday, January 28, 2006

A new start!

This is me last june just before the MS Tour From Leduc Alberta to Camrose and back. I did a total of 122 klms, then wimped out near Hay Lakes. Good for my first try. Too heavy for the hills -344 lbs.
I went to the doctors last week for a general check up and found out (not surprising) that my blood presure is up. (was last time too 4 years ago). Good news is from riding my trusty new Django and eating from a small plate I have lost 25 lbs from last christmas 04. Yahoo! my goal is to lose 50 more lbs by the time the MS Tour comes in June. I am 315 now. I have started to eat from an even smaller plate and I am counting calories more. Trying to follow the 1/2 veggies, 1/4 meats, 1/4 starches, portions on the plate as recommended by the New American Plate eating guidelines. It tougher than I thought, I used to really pig out on the potaoes and pasta. Pray for me I'm going to need it!

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