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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hi this is my new (to me ) Burley Django. I picked it on june 31, 05 up at Bentley Cycle in Bentley Alberta. Grant has been selling 'bents for a lot of years and is really selling alot of trikes lately. This pic was taken near the suspended bridge near Sifler Falls on the Kootenai plains west of Rocky Mtn House, Alberta.

Before this 'bent I rode a Burley Jet Creek for a year, then gave it to my wife. Previous to these we had BikeE's for a year (AT xl for me, Ct for her). I can honestly say that If I had not "found" the recumbents 3 years ago I would be in sorry shape today. It has allowed me to be more active and spend more time with my kids than ever before. I even rode in the local MS tour this year (didn't finished but I did 122 km), next year I'm going to finish and I'm going to do a couple of more too!

I am going to update this blog retroactively to include some rides I've done and upgrades too, se ya later

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supermommy said...

Hey Larry way too go diet and exercise do what the good doctor says!!!!