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Monday, February 20, 2006

Nice Long Weekend

Well here in Alberta, Monday Feb. 20 /'05 is "Family Day." Most of the province is taking the day off. I took friday off too, and drove to Calgary to pick up an item I bought on ebay and to see my Dad, a supplier and a couple of friends.
I also stopped in at Bentley Cycle and traded a bikeE trainer for a BikeE bag and a new Park MTB-3 Rescue tool.
I had my wife sew a cap with plastic quick releases for my Django seat, so I can just clip on the bikee bag. Works great, post a pic later this week. Now I have a large enough bag to pick up a bag of groceries, a movie or even some take-out at a local burger joint or chinese restaurant. Plus it will be great for larger family outings, day trips: food, jackets, etc.. It has over 1000 cu in. This was a good way to go instead of buying a rack and panniers (cheaper). If I ever go on a tour the larger seat bag will still be an asset.

The Park rescue tool is for my wife's Jet creek. I want each bike to have a basic emergency and repair kit.

I read on BROL about how a fella made a tail sock out of tent poles; and then read a story for the OHVP how they tested a bunch of tailsocks for Terra cycle . Now I am wondering: is a tail sock in my future? hmmmm
Ride safe,
'Bent in Leduc