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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Okay I have to confess... I have a had a badly held secret for couple of years now. I like Desktop publishing and it has crept into my 'bent life so much that well .. I have some bent tshirt designs and other promo stuff at

Mostly I just sell the stuff to get free shirts, but
I try to convince myself that: "I AM PROMOTING THE 'BENT WAY OF LIFE" but I do it 'cause I want free shirts and get this kick out of seeing others actually buy my stuff... its so cool.
help a 'bent addict.
check it out
buy something
or not

hello, my Name is Larry,
I am a 'bent addict,
I have not ridden for 3 months
I need to ride!!!!!!!!!!!
going to BROL is not enough, I need help
buy, read, ride