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Saturday, February 11, 2006

mini me

Well I am beginning to see some results with my SWB engine reduction strategy. When I went to the Doctors last month he wieghed me at 315 on his scale - I got home and wieghed myself on the home scale and it said 322. Today about a month later it says I am 311.5 - woo who! At this rate I should make my goal for the 06 Ms tour of less than 265. I'd like 250 - Pray for me. I should be able to really start riding next month outside. I have a free membership to a local gym. I plan to start next week to get my legs and lungs in shape.
As for the less calorie intake; the New american plate seems to be working. I also don't seem to have the craving for potatoes and pasta I used to either. I love the vegies! If you want more info on the New American plate, check out this site: A friend of ours (Cathy) is a dietcian and says that the new Canadian food plan will likly be similar). If I splurg I just take it up the next day. I plan for this to be a life change not just a diet.

On the bike front I am trying to get or design an inexpensive, easy to use bent bike rack. I like the Sportworks X country or Sportrack ez2 , but it is too short for the jet creek.
A fellow in my church (Rudy) may help me weld one up. The design below is what I have in mind. At the very least I can use the Sportwork or SportRack as a parts supplier or modify one with extensions to fit.
what do you think? want one? we may make em too! any suggestions ?
well have a great week!

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