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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lane Sharing

Saw this link on face book from CycleSavyin florida. Great info on why Cyclits need to Carefully consider "Taking the Lane".[]
Just a quick update:
 in 2011 Our local bike store in Leduc shut down. So there was nobody to do local basic bike repairs in Leduc. My buddy Grant P. from Bentley Cycle suggested I start doing them. May 2011 my wife Alice and I started RENU CYCLE in Leduc. It has grown slowly. We do basic repairs for all kinds of bikes, flats, tune up,s etc. In late 2012 we started to sell ICE Recumbent Trikes. 2015, this season we will sell ICE, Terra Trikes and just got approved to sell AZUB trikes. Check us out at

Most my ride reports, and reviews are now on my Renu Cycle web site on the
  "what's New at RENU" page.

I also still blog on the Godspoke web site occasionally. But most of my web musings are Now on the "What's NEW" page.  Drop over there to see what is going on with still this ole' Crankin Recumbent Rider!