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Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm Back

Well after my last post I was called back to the hospital and found out that, yes I HAD broken my big toe. I had a crack in the long bone of the big toe right at the joint in the ball of my foot. I was in a removeable cast for over 4 weeks. NO riding! No work on my feet. NADA. So I went to the shop and was stuck at the desk and sat around the house for almost 6 weeks of no excercise. As of this morning I had gained back what I had lost this spring I am now back at 314lbs. Arg! Well now I can get back to my regular riding and weight loss reigm again!

So the rest of june and until the 15th of july I was in a funk. I did cheat towards the end; I traded the cast for my stiff soled biking shoes and did a couple of short rides. As long as I pedaled in the arch of my foot I did okay. It was actually easier to ride than walk!

On the 17th of july I took off for My biking trip and holidays. I will upload another blog report tomorrow. Was it a good time -well yes and no- would I do the rail trtails again- yes, but not on a recumbent- At least not those. Will I ever go on another organised biking trip? In a heart beat. Stay tuned...

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Vik said...

Welcome back! Glad you had fun on your bike trips....=-)