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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ima Singin in da rain

Due to circumstance entirely under my control, I have been in a funk lately and have not ridden for about 10 days. Tonight was our 'lil bike club ride so I bit the bullet and loaded up the bents and both my wife and I went. On the way to the meetin spot it started to sprinkle, by the time we rolled up to the parking lot it was a rainin! I hollered to the other 4 people that they were crazy they replied: So was I since I showed up. Now here is the great part; both my wife and I, as you know, own Tour Easys, with fairings. NOW I KNOW WHY They are so popular on the West Coast! Fairings are great in Foul Weather, they protect you from a significant part of the rain!
Riding around Leduc tonight was fun. It was refreshing and I bet alot of the drivers passing us thought we were nuts. But WE were out riding, Not Fair weather couch potatoes. So Don't be afraid of a little rain. Gear up - get some half decent rain and cool weather clothing, a Faired TE and go out and have some Fun! (P.S. I really like my bike!)

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