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Monday, February 19, 2007

February Frolic

It has been an awful month for snow and cold this Feb. We have had record snow this year. Finally on our Family Day long weekend I was able to get in a ride!
I went into bike mode today. I dug out the poly' underwear and doned some warm outer wear and went out to the garage to prep the bike. I don't have fenders yet for my TE, so I thought I would take a cue from posts I've seen on the web and make one for the rear tire. So I dug out some coroplast, sliced about a 3-4inch width, 3 feet long. Then I shoved it along under the rear rack and along the curve of the tire; resting on the rear fork cross member, down by the brake mount and fender hole. I added a few zip ties and Wa-la, a winter rear fender! Worked fairly good keeping the melting sludge & water off my back!

I then checked and added some air to both the TE and the BikeE CT. Clicked on the odometer onto the TE. Loaded up a polar water bottle full of nice hot tea. Then Alice and I took off for a nice ride down highway 39, west of Calmar. It was about -6c or 19F. Beautiful sunny blue skies. We rode about 10k in total! I loved it and I really like the TE! It just soars with the fairing! I love how the fairing keeps your core out the wind. I found that If I placed my hand up on top of the fairing it would protect my face! I was laughing it was soo cool! Total milage: 10 k, top speed 30.9kph. (I have no regrets trading in the burleys. Alice gets her TE in the next couple of weeks)

I can only imagine what my cruising speed will be in the summer when I weigh less and have a 26/42/52 chainring insted of the 26/38/48 I have now - zoom -zoom.

Oh yeah, I am down to 307# I have had a major head cold this past week, so I did not go to the gym all week. Nor did I stick to my diet at all since Wed. No gains though and it is probably good to reset my metabolism anyways. I have to get into my head that eating more than 2000 cals a day is my norm until I get down to my goal weight. I already feel so much better.
Next month some friends of ours are seriuos about getting 'bent. United Cycle has brought in the Bacchetta line. They went and looked at them sat on the Agio and Cafe'. Looks like the Cafe' is the front runner. We are getting new 'bent buddies! Ya hoooo!
More a converting to the dark side "moo haa hahaha"! Why not? No pain- wrists, arms, neck, back or butt; great viewing position, fast, comfy!