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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A new stable mate

This week was a Cold one, but I still was able to have a great bike week!

A ride Monday. Friday came and I brought my TE to work, gave it a good wash, and general winter detail. I wanted to make it look good 'cause the next day I was going to pick up a new stable mate, but more on that later.

After work I headed up to the city and dropped in a couple of hobby/kite/modeling stores to see if I could find tubing for a tailsock project that I have in mind for the TE. I was able to pick up 4- 36"x 9/16" hollow aluminmum poles. I then went to United Cycle in Edmonton to see the rumored Bacchetta bents I heard they had.

Yep there they were a Cafe', Agio, Giro 20, Corsa and they brought out a Aero for me to drool over! A couple of friends of ours are seriously looking at getting a couple of Cafe's. So I spent an hour or so comparing and sitting on all the models; and came away impressed with the Cafe' Nice! (But the Aero is so light! Now if I was 120lbs lighter and had alot of cash....hmmm. Ain't going to happen!) It was a nice visit. If you are interested in a good quality, fast, 'bent, check out United cycle.

Saturday I headed down to Bentley to pick up ALice's TE, a new rack and panniers. Had a great visit with Cornell (trike) another 'bent owner from Cochrane owner and another dude who bought a Gold Rush. Cornell is a great guy who loves to ride too! Maybe we'll go riding one day this summer! Cornell rode Alices TE and he enjoyed it! But I think he is leaning towards a Gold Rush Replica -Blue with a bunch of upgraded parts.

So I brought home Alices TE and spent the rest of the day (and evening) adding gear from the burleys!

Let see I added the rack, bell, light, coroplast rear fender, pedal extenders. mirracycle mirror and rear blinky taillight. I still have to put the 3M protection on the top tube, get a fender set and a fairing down the road. I will probably switch out her chain rings 52/42/26 for mine 48/38/26 as she is more a tourer than a racer!

Today we went for a short ride about 3 k to test it out;we were going to go longer but the wind chill was fierce today, even with the adhoc poroplast fairing for Alices TE.

Well thats it for February. See ya soon

God speed