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Sunday, March 18, 2007

new beginnings

Spring is Here!

Well I CAN pretend Can't I!?

So Far this year I have 118km on the TE. Ken and Lenore Johnson (my collage buddy) were up from Calgary during the weekend. Ken and I went for a ride on the TE's. Ken first longish ride on a 'bent-15 k. He rode our BikeE's a couple of years back. He liked the ride but I think I wore him out.

Today I went riding with Murray and Sandy Greer along Leduc multi pathway. They have new Bacchetta Agios. They really like em! It was cold and as I looked out the window this morning I saw snow. but by 2:00 the snow was gone. but as you can see from the pic it wwas nippy! But we rode! then we stopped for coffee and pie at Smittys. The paths were wet in spots but very clear of snow. Thanks to the Leduc snow crews!

This was the second ride with them and the new bikes. Last weekend we rode up and around Nisku. Murray being lighter than me can really blaze on the Agio. I must say that with the right rider, it can really go!

I almost have Alices TE all set up to go. This week I but a new light from Planet Bike on and tested it last night. Its thier 5000 series Halogen triple A battery light. At 3 watts out put I was very pleasently pleased with the light it gives. Alice should do nicely with it. I also got a Planet Bike Super Spot Blinky, Wow 1/2 watt of brightness, I but it on the front of my bike. I also found a 20" freddy Fender at United Cycle for Alices bike and I got her a Nike II odometer with cadance. I picked up some new chainrings from MEC last week but they were the wrong size so I have to return them and order some out of the States; probably the Hostle Shoppe. Enough Bling for the bikes for NOw. Actually I have the Bike almost complete, just have to ride em!

My tailbone has been acting up again. Seems when I slouch on the bike it gets sore. However when I tuck my butt into the seat back it is alot better. I think I need to lose some more weight and this should go away.

The more I ride my Tour Easy the more I like it. It "may not" be as fast as my SWB burley but for the riding I do, its great! I am motivated to lose more weight so I can fly on it! Seeing Murray just zoom away today on his Agio was a great motivator. I was thrilled to see him enjoy the ride so much! I was a bit envious but I'll get there!
I am riding more so I will post more ride reports. I hope that my blogging is entertaining. I some times don't know what you may be interessted in reading but hey, Its my life and I'm living it the best I can for HIS Glory
Talk to you soon