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Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Madness

Hi di ho Neighbors!

Well March turned out to be an interesting month: Got some riding in, weather was extreme; business was good but had some major bumps and to top it all off I went to Toronto for 3 days.

Our Local riding group Started officially on the 16th and we have had 2 nice evening rides around the Leduc area.
We have 50 people on the emailing list but so far we only have had 6 out at any one time. They claim its the weather, still to cold, they havn't had time to get their bikes prepped yet; yeah right...
warm weather cyclists!

Two weeks ago my main helper - Ty, broke his collar bone. He is out for at least 8 wks. Sort of a bad time as my business starts to recover at this time of year; so I have not been riding as much as I was hoping. Just to busy or too tired.

I use a Creative ZEN V plus to listen to music or Audible books when I ride. I made a handlebar MP3 hugger for it.
Since we repair plastic bumpers at my shop, I hacked off a piece of a discarded one and reshaped it to hold the ZEN. Works great!

My wife Alice decided to cycle the MS Tour with me this year in June. (after I signed her up). We also have the Greers (new Agio owners) riding in the MSTour with us. So it will not be as lonely for me this year. We should have a 'bent good time.

About 3 weeks ago I brought my Tour Easy to my Church to promote the Riding club and had it sitting in the lobby. Many people had never seen a recumbent before aand sat on it, asked alot of questions and went away going Hmmm... . One lady, Linda, was fairly Impressed and after talking to the Greers and my wife Alice, she came over one night while I was in Toronto and went for a ride with Alice an our BikeE CT. She left with it to ride for a few days.
Thursday she showed up with it at our ride and rode 12k with us, the last time she rode 12k was 20 years ago! She is looking for a 'bent of her own now!

My trip to Toronto was business related. Along with 26 others, we toured PPG Glass factories and assemby plants. At one point on our tour I stood over a river of molten glass 4 football feilds in length as it cooled from the cauldron. That river has been running for 12 years non stop. Was a cool Trip to see how they make side glass and windshields!

Well as the season is upon us I will try to post a little more regularly.

Thanks for reading