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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not BAD!

I mean, Went out with my riding group tonight for a 23k ride out to the dreaded Rollyview hill and back. Some of the others wanted to try thier new 'bent on the biggest hill in the area. Sigh... newbies! Well I had not run the TE out there yet and am not down to what I weighed on my django when I did this hill last year. All I got to say after the fact is: I LOVE MY EASY RACER!

I found pedaling up this hill tonight, the easiest yet. I did hit the lowest gear near to top so I would keep a 70 ish cadance but, I felt great. Oh yeah I hit 65.3kph going down and 7.6 going up again!

Bring on the MS 150 in June baby!