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Saturday, May 12, 2007

And The're Off!

Today we rode with 60 others for the MS tour Rookie Ride,

Okay I'm not a rookie but my wife and other team members are. Plus our team supplied the refreshments at the turn aound point, so I thought I was justified in riding with the group.

It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, reason... it was bloody windy! I had to lean the TE over to go striaght! Needlesss to say it was a bit nasty for some of the newbies. Have I mentioned how much I like a fairing in windy conditions? While my team mates were toiling away trying to to do 13k I was toodling along at 23k . (evil smirk) It was a great ride I did 79.3 kph down the coulee on the way back. Would have matched it on the way out but my visor bent down into my face after I hit 60kph, so I did 60kph one handed, with the other holding the visor up so I could see! So on the way back I put it in my jacket and gave 'r! Wa hoo!

This is My TE with a New Zipper Extreme BodySok Width Fairing
and Terra Cycle Tailsok
with home made frame.

I get alot of comments and questions from other riders about the bikes and why we ride them. I ride em 'cause I can go further and stay reasonably comfortable. Can others go faster.. yep, Can others go on single trak ...yep. But thats not why I ride recumbent. Its fun for me! Everytime I ride my TE I enjoy it more!
Have a good ride today!