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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Slip sliding Away

on Beboop Cleats and pedals. Last year I had put on some clipless pedals on the Django. When I traded it in, I took off the Beboops and kept them in my bike stuff drawer until Sunday. I replaced the bigger platforms with studs for the Beboops and dug out my biking sadals to test how I liked riding clipless on the Tour Easy. So far I have mixed feelings. Going flat out on a training ride down the highway they seem to deliver more power (speed). Starting and stopping in town is a pain. I plan to give them a couple of weeks to break myself in again . I know that alot of riders use them for speed and distance. The Editor of Recumbent Cycling News dosen't seem to care for them on a 'bent. I plan to take my other pedals and wrench to the lake this weekend, just in case.
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