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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wizard Lake Ride

Hi de ho Riders!
Well as of this past weekend I passed the 500k mark for the year. While this number may seem tiny to some I think I am doing great. I do think that 2500k this year is an attainable goal. Besides we have had a very cold spring up here! The good weather is upon us and I am going to make up k.

This past weekend ALice and I went up to Alberta Beach saturday for our Annual ride around the Lake (well south east roads anyways) It was a great ride and our daughter Kara rode with us. Its nice to ride and see the open water and wondering road. Our regular training rides are straight east or west and back along highway 39. Same old thing alot.
Sunday we had 9 riders out for 1st ananual Wizard Lake and Picnic Ride. It was a Sunny and breezy day with a good stiff headwind on the way back. We had a nice hot dog roast along the shores of the Lake and then rode back to Calmar. A relaxing weekend with a total of 63k of riding. But thats not the exciting News!

A couple of weeks ago I went to an informational meeting at a local church to see if there was enough interest for a 10 day rail trail ride in the West Kootenays this summer. Alas the dates did not hook up with my holidays so I decided to pass. Fellow 'bent ryders Sandy and Murray Greer lLoved the idea and decided to go. I have had my eye on those trails for couple of years and was envious of them, but I couldn't take the time off and force my kids to ride that much on "our" holidays. Well over a couple of weeks and listening to the Greers I was starting to feel trapped by my business. (Small business owners can be slaves to thier enterprises and find it really tough to take breaks often) To make a long story short: Alice surprised me with the offer to stay home and run the shop then we would go on our family holiday. I was astounded. It took another 12 hours before it would sink in and ask if she was really serious. She was/is! I have a wonderful spouse. So I will be away from my shop for almost three weeks. The longest time I have had off in over 17 years! WA hOO! It looks like I will be joining the group on my TE on a large segmant of the Spirit Of 2010 Rail trails. Part of the Trans Canada Trail in BC. Trestles, trains, tunnels and track.
I am so excited! hmm how many sleeps left...