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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Home made tailsok frame

I thought it was time to share how I made my tailsok frame. I originally found how to do this from a now defunct web page (tigrr8?)
I also believe that this was from an ERRC magazine article a few years ago (I have not seen the issue. But since I was interested at the time I copied the web pages into a CorelDraw file that I used.) So I don't deserve the credit.
Items needed:
4- smaller hose clamps
2- zip ties
2 fibre glass bike flags from Canadian Tire
some flexible metal clamping strips
assorted small nuts and screws
some copper airplane tubing (from local hobby shop)

Actually its easy to do this if you have the time and are patient. I think the total cost was $30 cdn .
So here is the pics use them if you you want to create your own tailsok
The rack ferruls - just clamp on a piece of copper tubing, cut to about 1.75" on the diagonal braces oon eitherside your rack. Use a nail set to ding a couple of insets about 1/4 from the bottom of the tubes, so the fiberglass poles won't pass all the way though.

For the seatback ferruls I used the ones that came with the flag poles. I just flattened the ends drilled a hole and used the flexible metal clamp stuff to attach to the seat back. Worked out nice as they are on sort of a swivel too.

I cut down flag poles -they come in a pack with a flag at the top that I ripped off along with the joining ferruls. I sized the poles to meet at a point.

I adjusted the fibreglass poles to fit together using an antenna ball from Jack in the Box. Drilled the holesin the ball, stuck the poles in.
The Tail Sok its self came from Terracycle via the Hostel Shoppe; but you can search the web or the Easy Racer Forum for other places to get one.

Overall I am happy with the looks, safety and perforance I get with the Sok. Now I should fly on the MS TOUR!

Oh Yeah!
I saw in ERRC Magazine letting on a fellows fairing. I made some minor adjustments and had a local sign company do it in vinyl and put it on mine. I have so many people ask about the bike or oogle it when I am in a store or restaurant. So I thought this was a cheaky self promoter when they do:

I like to listen to music or Audible books when I do longer rides. This year the local MS TOUR has stated they would like riders to not use earphones on the Ride. So after some thought and seeing some examples on the web and at the Recumbent Rally; I added a pair of Creative Travel Sound Speakers to use with my mp3 player. They sound great and my wife likes 'em also when we ride together. I will probably let her use them on the Tour (I always use earphones that sit on my ear not in the ear canal, so I hear all the traffic anyways.)

Well it looks like I got the Tour Easy all Blinged out and ready to go on the MStour. Just gotta ride some more to be ready!
See ya Soon