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Saturday, June 16, 2007

07 MS Tour Report

Faster, Stronger,
More Endurance,
More FUN!

That really describes my tour this year.
It was a perfect riding weekend, Sunny warm lite wind blowing to south east on Saturday. Cooler, wind blowing strong to the west Sunday!

We had great ride on the weekend on the Leduc to Camrose AB. MsTour. Over 1.2 million dollars will have been raised for MS research and programing. Thanks for all you who sponsored Alice and me. Alice and I rode with Sandy and Murray G.

Every year I have had better times, due to a different bike, better conditioning and support from family and friends. I flew the course on the Easy Racer Tour Easy with comfort and speed. I hit 40- 50 kph on some stretches and avg in the low 30kph range alot of the east trip back-I almost felt like an athlete! Look out Lance - yeah a 300lb Lance! right......

Made it up ALL the hills, TOO!

It was alot more fun this year with my wife Alice along on her TE and our friends Sandy and Murrray on their Agios. Alice did great too, Not only did she look great she rode strong avg 20kph for the whole ride!

I really enjoy the comradery with other riders.

Sandy egged Murray and I to push it up a notch to ride a full metric century on Sunday. (It was easy -we had a east wind pushing us Sunday)

So I rode from Camrose to Calmar- 105km, for a total for the weekend of 180+km.

Not bad for a 300#, 50 year old eh?! I can hardly wait for my Kootenay adventure next month. Boy for a 300lb dude those 200km plus brevets look like they are in year. I need less of me and more time on the bike, but I can see 'em in the future!

Lower pic: The BEnt Posse
Larry, Alice, Sandy, Murray, Joe Justice - 70 yr. young riding a Bacchetta Corsa (He sells em at United Cycle!)
The more I ride- the more I want to ride. It is a real stress reliever and healthier way to enjoy life!

Now I'm getting into Kootenay Adventure mode: I just need to modify the TE for Rail Trails and keep up the riding 'til then.
I'll keep you posted


If you want to see some more pics click on the link to the right to see my flickr site.

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Vik said...

Hey Larry,

Great ride. I'm glad you are enjoying your bike and it is cool that your wife is into the bent scene as well. Much more fun that way!