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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Arrg Winter has only just begun!

I wrote this about a few days ago, its amazing how a couple of wee rides can change a persons outlook:...

Well here it is near the end of November, with the prospects of another winter looming ahead. Sigh... I already miss my regular riding group and regular riding schedule. Evenings that used to be eventful by doing something related to riding are now hum drum time spans with nothing exciting to do. I search the cycling blogs I know for momentary spikes of excitement, read cool "crazy guy on a bike" journals of others epic journeys and dream about doing the same If I can get rid of all my debt and sell my business. I even got a new bike trainer to justify watching the tv at night but that is boring.

I should get out and do some other activity but my toes don't like the cold. The winter games are coming and they are looking for its too cold out!

I am a cycling addict, and no real way to get a fix. except on weekends. Does anyone want to get together for a coffee? Talk bikes? Gander at some cycling catalogues? Day dream about the their perfect ride or trip?

I need to move to Florida so I can ride all year round; but wait it has been along season and maybe we need this break to plan and get excited about the new years riding schedule and events, yeah, that's it!

Rest- plan - veg! ARRRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!
Lethargic in Leduc

I have gone for a couple rides since and I feel more sunny but I know that the snowy blues will come again ...I guess that’s life in Alberta!

And Now here the real blog for today!:
Yea- 1600KM FOR 2007

I know I have another month to go but the weather here in the Edmonton area is cold but no snow so we are pushing it as far as winter conditions go. I hope to get in another measly 26km by the end of the year If I can I will have 5000k on my bents! I was hoping to do another 900k this year to reach 2500km but with a broken foot and very busy fall at the shop it didn't work out. I know alot of 'bentriders do over 5000k in one or two seasons. But considering the weight and physical condition I was in when I started (I couldn't even ride 1 kilometre without being totally out of breathe for hours later), I feel quite pleased so far. I have said it several times before but I KNOW that riding recumbents has prolonged my life, stretched my limits and made some great friends. I look forward to next year and the years after YAHOO!

Since winter is upon us in the Great White North I have been gearing up for riding in below 0c temps. Keeping warm can be tricky and once you get warmed up by riding stopping can chill you right to the bone if you are not layered right.

The latest gear I picked up is a Stereohead by BULA:

I nifty wool hat with speakers for my ZEN to plug into. It very warm and the speakers have great sound. I picked it up Sportmart in Leduc.
To keep the wind off my face I use either a neoprene ski mask or a Buff based on the Survivor TV series.

I picked it up at the Valhalla store in New Denver a couple of summers ago. Its light and long enough to protect my face neck and ear tips-sort of a bandit look, but it works great. When it gets really cold it plan to setup my bike trainer in the basement so I can keep my legs in shape and get a head start for the 08 season.

Well I better go see you soon!

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