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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Last Great Ride of Autumn or the Chilly (Willy) Chili Ride

Well we timed it just right- A nice 31k ride around the south west cottage roads and highways of Pigeon Lake and paths in the provincial park. On Sat Nov 3, 10 urban adventurers mounted their steeds and did the tour. I think there was at least 3 new steeds out for their first trips (2 Norco and 1 trek hybred tourers)

We started and ended up at Barry and Eileens Cabin. About 3/4 of the way we stopped at a nice Cafe at Village on Lake for some Lattes and Mochachinos. Mmmm a great way to warm upo and replenish some energy on a cool ride!
When we got back to the cabin we had a great Chili feed and later, a dip in the Hot Tub. Now that is an accessory every "mature" rider should have - a hot tub to soak out those weary muscles. Weary muscles were quite common as some of our riders had not ridden much this fall and I know they enjoyed that tub!
As some were soaking in the tub it started to snow - this morning we woke up to about 3cm of the white stuff, Timing was just right! Now we look forward to riding in colder weather and snowy landscapes - CAN"T WAIT! its a new, fresh perspective on known cycling routes.

keep riding!
(of note to some: Chilly Willi was a cartoon character with Woody the WoodPecker but had much cooler adventurs!no other meaning is implied )

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Paul said...

enjoyed the slide show and the music..very nice. I am facing the same prospect of cold weather and not riding as much here in Northern Wisconsin....seems like you have a nice group to ride with!