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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ahh at Last

I got out for a ride today, man can I tell I have not ridden for almost 2 months!

Today was the first time the weather has co- operated enough to have clear MUPs and warmer temps. Was +1 today and very sunny. Got a chance to wear my headphone wool hat. Was very warm and great sound. I like to listen to Audible books while I ride alone.

I was getting a bit of cabin fever, and cruising the net watching vids of other bent riders enjoyin the weather alot further down south was getting to me.

I can not believe how cycling , especially on my recumbent is so much a part of my life. It is such a turn around from my couch potatoe lifestyle of just a couple of years ago. I almost "crave" to ride. My life is so much richer for it.
Well, I hope to do alot more long distance riding this year. More at least 1 century a month (april to Sept) and a maybe 1 or 2 brevets. I just got to send in my registration for the Alberta randonneers. One randoneer said "Its all about making goals and attempting to persever and achieve them". I am pretty sure I can do a 200k in 13 hrs, no problem; its just the dates of the rides that make it tough.
I'm always striving to loss weight, maybe I will hit the right combo and get down to a reasonable weight and keep it off ; I keep yo-yoing from year to year! Stay tuned I'll try to keep you in touch with some ride reports, reviews and a couple of videos!



daylyryder said...

Hey Larry. My name is David, and I have an EZ Sport 'bent that I also CRAVE to ride! I've been riding wedgies for a while, but recently made the switch, and could not be happier about it. I ride often, and have recently created a blog that I hope to fill with many of my own riding tales and photos. I have a tour planned for this summer to ride the Oregon state coast from the Washington / Oregon Border, into northern California. Check out my blog at Take it easy!

Vik said...

Hey Larry,

It will be great to have you in the AB Rando club. I'm trying to get a couple more guys on bents involved.

Drop me a line if you want to talk about training for your first 200K. You don't have to do anything radical, but you'll feel a lot better during the ride if you prepare yourself well.

After all the first goal is to finish the brevet and the second is to have loads of fun.

I'd recommend the Strathmore 200K as your first ride with the club. It is a flat route [one of the few!] and often has winds to deal with. Flat and winds are ideal for a TE with fairing.