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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just riding along

If anyone has been reading my blog - I'm sorry that I have not posted for a while, but I have been riding! So far this year I have almost 1100 km past the wheels of my Tour Easy; almost 2/3 of my total km for '07! Plus I have really been disciplined since Xmas and have lost 50 lbs total so far! Was 327 now am 278! I have noticed that as I lose weight I am getting faster on my "bent , too! I started to drive into work with my wife and my T.E. on the back of the van and ride home to Calmar at least twice a week, which really helps burn the calories and add in the kms for the year.
yep that is me letting it all hang out, no photoshopping or sucking it in!

Our bike group Godspoke Cyclists is averaging 27-30 people every Wed. nite! And It don't matter if its raining or not: If its liquid sunshine, we ride shorter and sit in the coffee shop longer!Its great to see so many adults getting off the couch and getting out for some socialization and excercise!
The premise of a social/recreational ride (20kph or alot less) is really meeting a need in our community and I am reading of other groups in towns starting all over N.A. I guess with aging babyboomers and gas prices peple are getting motivated! Plus we are not spandex clad road warriors just plain folk wanting to ride, have fun and some motivation! Most riding clubs host faster, longer rides and are intimidating for newer riders.
We have helped immigrants and lower income families to get bikes, seen relationships heal and people less stressed and isolated new comers to our area find friends! It gives me a warm feeling to know that because this fat guy wanted to get skinnier so many others are getting benefits too!
This past weekend I completed my 4th MS tour!
I finished in the top 200 out of 1700 riders, I definitely was faster this year and Sunday was really windy; many suffered in the fierce head winds coming back from Camrose. alot of people commented on the fairing my bike has and many thought I had an unfair advantage!
I am not a recumbent snob, but my bike is the best bike for me for now, I hope to some day upgrade it to a Aluminum GRR Easy Racer, add a hi racer, a reg hibred or crank forward and in my later years a trike to my riding stable. but I love the TE the more I ride it! So if I have an advantage its that I enjoy my bike right now !

I hope to take a few blogging tips from Vic in Calgary and add some thing each week or ride from here on in, even if its just a pic and line to keep you posted and motivated. I know I need motivation to keep me going, usually after I do the MS tour each year I slack off on the diet and riding thing, but I have a slight KM competion with a good riding buddy and I don't want to lose so i have to try and beat her goal of 3001 km this year so here comes 3050! (nyna, nayn S***y G!)
Between the diet and the riding my Wife, Alice, thinks I am addicted to em; that's all I do or dream, talk about. My response is: "so at least you know what I doing, with whom and where I am and because I will hopefully live longer, I will be around longer to driver you even crazier, dear! Aint Love Grand!"

TTFN Larry
now git out and ride!

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Vik said...

Hey Larry,

Haven't heard from you in a while. How are things?